Elute LC series

Ultimate precision for mass spectrometric applications

Maximum uptime

Short run-to-run times for speed of routine analysis


Elute LC series

Built for the highest reproducibility in retention time and peak shape.
Fast and accurate time to results for improved outputs.
High performance
Accurate results for complete confidence in results.
Tailored to your application for maximum flexibility in operation.

Robust and precise performance

Reliable with design for confidence in results
Elute LC systems are built on an innovative pump design that provides a virtually pulse free, precise, volumetric flow control which is independent of flow rates, solvent compressibility or composition.

All Elute LC systems are configured with two pairs of serial-coupled, individually controlled linear drive pump heads. This principle makes it easy to transfer ultra high performance liquid chromatography methods from one system to another, whether to an adjacent laboratory or across the globe.

The flow path is optimized by minimizing the gradient delay volume to deliver high chromatographic resolution, fast gradients and ultimate short cycle times, increasing sample throughput and reducing cost.

Delivering maximum uptime
All Elute LC systems incorporate a true self-priming and self-purging-facility through the built-in pump. The automatic purge and mobile phase priming process takes only a few minutes and makes it simple to exchange mobile phases to avoid any leaks in manual operations. In addition, the use of two different sets of mobile phases and the option of up to six column exchanges provides flexibility for routine labs, allowing high productivity and overnight LC-MS runs.

Seamless software integration by Compass®

Elute LC systems are controlled by Bruker´s leading Compass® software framework giving easy access to the LC hardware modules for fast method development. A simple set-up of methods for sample batches and sample tables is guaranteed through the highly intuitive graphical user interface of Compass®. Direct visualization of results via a Quick Data Viewer as well as in-depth analysis helps speed up productivity at all user levels.


State of the art protein characterization

Developed for high reproducibility in retention time and peak shape, Elute high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems are available in a variety of configurations for a wide range of analytical needs.

At the heart of the Elute series of ultra-high performance liquid chromatography systems (UHPLC) are binary linear driven pumps that deliver virtually pulse-free, reproducible flow rates with a unique accuracy that will generate total confidence in your results.

Tailored to your applications, we provide a variety of complete liquid chromatography systems ready to start fulfilling your mass spectrometric demands:

  • The Elute UHPLC delivers high-end, 1300 bar performance for ultrafast LC-MS/MS applications. 

For demanding front end sample preparation steps, the Elute HT paired with the new PAL3 high throughput autosampler is the ideal choice.

Delivering maximum uptime - built for the routine lab
All Elute systems are designed to minimize gradient delay volume providing the benefit of shortest run-to-run times. The Elute binary high pressure mixing pump comes with an active piston backwash extending the lifetime of the piston seals, increasing productivity and reducing cost of ownership.

For high sample throughput on the EVOQ® LC-TQ system, or high flexibility for LC-MS research using a Bruker impact II or compact QTOF, a fast exchange of solvents and switching to different LC-MS methods is beneficial. Elute systems deliver flexibility, including column switching and the selection of up to six different eluents.


Setting new standards in retention time stability

Multiresidue Screening
Guidelines defining retention time (RT) deviations for pesticide screening are setting demanding new levels for the respective LC-MS methods. The new EU SANTE guidelines 11945 I 2015 require retention time deviations to meet < 0.1 min. Based on its innovative pump design the Elute UHPLC performs easily below this RT threshold by providing typical RT deviations of 0.01 min.


Pesticide screening of > 500 pesticides in food matrix separated on an Intensity Solo C18 RP column on the Elute UHPLC coupled to an impact II QTOF instrument.

Ultrafast quantitative LC-MS/MS methods
Fast confirmation and quantitation of urine alcohol metabolite markers are needed to ensure high productivity for the forensic lab. These methods are routinely established by LC-TQ MS/MS methods. The Elute UHPLC coupled to the EVOQ® LC-TQ enables fast and reliable confirmation and quantitation of Ethylglucoronide (EtG) and Ethylsulfate (EtS) in urine matrix.

A fast three minute method to quantify EtG and EtS in urine with the new Bruker Elute UHPLC coupled to the EVOQ® Elite triple quadrupole system.

Sensitivity for quantitation in food matrices
The minimum required performance level (MRPL) for Chloramphenicol detection in food is 0.3 ppb (EU decision 2003/181/EC). The Elute UHPLC coupled to the EVOQ® Elite LC-TQ delivers great sensitivity (LLOQ 0.02 ppb) and ultra-sharp peak widths typically in the range of 2 sec. These levels can be achieved even in challenging matrices such as eggs.


Shown is the chromatographic peak width at half maximum (2.1 – 2.4 seconds range) for Chloramphenicol in egg matrix.

On-line sample preparation
On-line liquid extraction (OLE) has major advantages compared to off-line solid phase extraction (SPE) such as: direct injection of 100% of the sample in a closed automated system and using smaller particle sizes leads to sharper focused chromatographic peaks. The Elute OLE system combines the advantages of an UHPLC system with the process advantages of OLE improving the quality and reproducibility of your results. For demanding sample preparation tasks e.g. for water analysis or analysis of complex matrices such as urine, the pre-enrichment capability of the Elute OLE delivers an added high value benefit to your laboratory.

Pesticides in water (600 μl vol.), Triazophos 0.5 - 1000 ppt extracted and separated by an Elute OLE system coupled to an impact II QTOF instrument.

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