Testing can be helpful to ensure confidence in the performance of your NMR spectrometer

When it comes to measuring performance

Let AssureSST do all the work!

Automate the mundane
We all need help organizing and managing our tasks. AssureSST can handle the mundane task of NMR performance testing.
Start off on the right foot
Establish a baseline of performance before and after each project for maximum confidence in the NMR data and results.
Generate Reports
AssureNMR can be part of your performance qualification procedures – with automated report generation and error alerts, all the tools are at your fingertips.

Build confidence in performance

AssureSST will run through all designated performance tests and generate report with qualifying information at regular intervals.

Create a workflow that starts and ends with a performance test to qualify the experiments run in between.


Performance Testing

Create an expectation of great performance
AssureSST tests various parameters, making sure the instrument is performing to specifications in a variety of areas.  It runs through IconNMR using samples that are left in the sample changer for better access to testing.  You simply identify the holder position of your test sample, designate the test to run, set the pass/fail requirements and schedule the test.

Run at regular intervals, users have confidence in the instrument’s performance

Performance Qualification

Mimic installation procedure when creating a performance test for your lab
Run through many of the installation tests run by engineers to mimic their performance test, in your lab!


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