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Components used in the aerospace industry must be able to withstand extremely demanding conditions and, because of this, the materials used to produce them must have exceptional properties. Research into novel materials, that are both stronger and lighter, is one of the main driving forces behind new breakthroughs in the aerospace industry, with the continually developing field of nanomaterials being a key area of focus. 

Bruker provides a range of analytical solutions for the analysis of advanced materials and nanomaterials. 

Our analytical tools for electron microscopes bring additional, nanoanalytical capabilities to your materials research lab. QUANTAX EDS for SEM and QUANTAX EDS for TEM provide users with the ability to map the distribution of elements within a sample, QUANTAX WDS can be used for the mapping of light elements and to resolve line overlaps in EDS, QUANTAX EBSD allows users to carry out a thorough nanostructural analysis and, last but not least, QUANTAX micro-XRF on SEM delivers the capabilities of micro-XRF, such as layer analysis, to a scanning electron microscope.

Bruker also supplies the aerospace industry with systems for nanomechanical testing. Our Hysitron nanomechanical and nanotribological test instruments are uniquely capable of replicating a wide variety of temperature ranges, material interactions, and operating conditions. These versatile nanoindentation solutions are customizable and upgradable, designed to enable nanoscale characterization, materials development, and process monitoring.

We will also be showcasing our handheld XRF (X-ray fluoresence) technology at AeroMat - our handheld XRF systems can be used for the fast, on-site quantification of the differents elements present in a sample - this is especially useful in sorting and production environments for the qualification of alloys. 

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