Bruker Demonstrates Novel and Unique Compact 1.0 GHz NMR Magnet

New Innovations Support Customers to Reduce Liquid Helium Consumption

ORLANDO, Florida – April 25, 2022 – At the Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC 2022), Bruker demonstrates a novel and remarkably compact 1.0 GHz NMR magnet, operating at 4.2 Kelvin, for structural biology applications in single-story standard laboratories. Bruker also offers innovations and services for reducing liquid helium consumption. 

A major innovation and technology introduction from Bruker is the recent successful factory energization and protein NMR testing of a unique single-story 1.0 GHz 4K NMR magnet, called Ascend Evo 1.0 GHz. Its significantly reduced footprint, weight, and ceiling height requirements, as well as a dramatic threefold reduction in liquid helium consumption provides many more structural biology researchers access to the sensitivity and resolution of GHz NMR. At ENC, Bruker is showing excellent protein 1.0 GHz NMR data from this new and unique technological marvel.

A second innovation is the limited release of the new HelioSmart Recovery solution, a compact, easy-to-site system that can be retrofitted to collect helium gas boil-off from installed NMR magnets. The helium gas is stored in high-pressure cylinders in support of a circular helium economy. The HelioSmart Recovery system can collect the normal boil-off of several NMR magnets, resulting in typical steady-state recovery rates of 80% – 85%. The recovered high-pressure helium gas can be utilized at local or regional helium reliquefaction facilities.

Bruker offers free LabScape Remote Monitoring, which enables our experts to proactively monitor magnets and identify upcoming cryogen refills that can be scheduled well in advance. Bruker also offers helium refills as a service with selected NMR maintenance service agreements.

Unique compact Bruker Ascend Evo 1.0 GHz magnet offers significantly reduced footprint, weight, and ceiling height requirements, as well as a dramatic threefold reduction in liquid helium consumption.
New Bruker HelioSmart Recovery solution to collect helium gas boil-off from installed NMR magnets.

Dr. Falko Busse, President of the Bruker BioSpin Group, commented:

“We are extremely pleased to demonstrate the world’s first single-story 1.0 GHz standard-bore 4 Kelvin NMR magnet, and we are committed to reducing the consumption of liquid helium with our latest innovations.”

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