Mechanical Testing

Speed Up Development and Reduce Costs with the Original Bench-top Multi-test Platform

During this webinar, we will highlight exciting new test modules and demonstrate how the UMT TriboLab can make a difference to your business!

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Lubricant Testing Equipment for Businesses of Every Size

During this webinar, Speed Up Development and Reduce Costs with the Original Bench-top Multi-test Platform, we explore the operational advantages of the Bruker UMT TriboLab, highlight new and innovative test modules, and demonstrate how the UMT TriboLab can make a difference to your business and bottom-line.

Consequently, in this webinar, particular attention is given to:

  • The role of tribology/metrology in the product commercialization process, including how third-party involvement can reduce competitive agility.
  • The added potential for competitive product development and ongoing product improvement firms gain when they conduct lubricant testing in-house.
  • The advantages, ease-of-use, and various classic and custom capabilities of the UMT TriboLab system.


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Key Points

Small-to-medium-size lubricant companies often do not have the capital, lab space, or staffing to run multiple single-use lubricant testers, which limits their potential to compete against larger firms with greater resources.

Yet these smaller companies are also often involved in the development of exciting new and specialized formulations which need qualification testing to meet strict lubricant testing standards. Currently, these companies rely on third-party resources to meet these needs, though working with an off-site lubricant testing laboratory can be costly and often adversely affects time and cost to market.

In this webinar, you will learn why the Bruker UMT TriboLab is an ideal platform to eliminate both the need for third-party lubricant testing provider involvement and the operational costs associated with it. Watch to discover how this benchtop multi-test lubricant testing platform can meet testing needs for:

  • R&D formulation development;
  • QA/QC;
  • Application-specific lubricant testing; and
  • Component-level lubricant testing.

Moreover, with its expandable platform, the UMT TriboLab's capabilities can grow along with your company.


This webinar was presented on: June 4, 2020


Steve Papanicolaou, Global Sales Manager, Bruker

After his departure from Honeywell Electronic Materials group, Steve joined CETR (acquired by Bruker in 2011), where he utilized his strong background in Materials Science to work hand in hand with clients in EMEA, the Americas, and Asia to help solve complex mechanical testing problems. Steve currently leads a global team of tribology gurus who assist clients in taking their critical friction and wear system elements and designing scaled-down screening tests on the benchtop TriboLab platform.