Handheld Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector


RoadRunner is a handheld, battery operated device for the detection of explosives and narcotics.


Increases flexibility

It is a dual-mode detector capable to accept vapor samples and swab samples: With a weight of 3.5 kg it is literally a "go anywhere" device.

A battery lifetime of 4 hours and the feature of hot-swap battery exchange further expand the usability. The use of a non-radioactive, high energy photon ionization source eases the life of the user since this ionization method does not belong to legislation related to radiation safety.

The incorporation of the patented CHIRP-IMS technology provides for the first time the sensitivity of bench-top trace detectors in a handheld design. An automatic internal calibration makes manual calibration and verification steps obsolete and eases the everyday use.

RoadRunner Meets ECAC Standard for Passenger and Cargo Screening

The Bruker RoadRunner, an innovative, hand-held explosives and narcotics trace detector  has passed the challenging ECAC testing protocol with outstanding results and is now the only handheld explosives trace detection instrument (ETD)  on the market that meets ECAC standards for both, passenger and cargo screening using hand or wand sampling.

This light-weight, hand-held instrument has the same outstanding detection performance as  a state-of-the art benchtop ETD instrument. The rugged RoadRunner is battery-operated, weighs just 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg) including battery, and offers dual modes for ‘sniffing’ vapour samples directly, as well as for thermal desorption of particles captured by swabs. A battery lifetime of 4 hours combined with a hot-swap battery feature further expands the usability of RoadRunner. Its non-radioactive photoionization source simplifies maintainability by removing the need to comply with regulations for radioactive source safety. The incorporation of CHIRP-IMS technology provides the sensitivity and selectivity of a bench-top trace detector in a hand-held design with pistol grip. This patented feature, coupled with continuous automatic internal calibration, makes manual calibration and verification steps obsolete and simplifies day-to-day operation whilst providing the users with truly outstanding detection performance in a go-anywhere format.

The key features of the instrument are:

  • Unique, Battery operated, lightweight, ECAC approved ETD detector. Accepts both vapour and swab samples, giving benchtop sensitivity in a handheld.
  • Simultaneous detection of Drugs & Explosives (separate libraries can be selected).
  • For swab and direct vapour sampling.
  • Traffic Light Indication for easy use.
  • Non-radioactive high-energy-photoionisation (HEPI) source allows it to be used in all countries worldwide.
  • Patented CHIRP technology increases signal to noise ratio for better sensitivity.
  • Automatic continuous internal calibration provides better peak determination for superior selectivity and decreased false alarms
  • Lightweight design with unique pistol grip for improved handling during vapor sampling
  • Meets ECAC standard for passenger and cargo screening (for both hand or wand swabbing methods)



The Bruker RoadRunner is a lightweight portable trace explosives detector, which is quick and simple to use. Samples are taken by the standard swab technique, and the swab inserted into the instrument. Samples can also be taken in the sniff mode  by allowing the instrument to draw the vapor from the target  into its measurement system.
Roadrunner uses our acclaimed traffic light symbol software and simple messaging and instructions  to inform the operator of measurement status.


Typical applications include

  • Airport passenger security
  • Building access control
  • Customs facilities
  • Prisons/remand centres
  • Ports and borders


Outstanding Performance from an Explosives Detector

The RoadRunner is the latest high sensitivity, hand-held, battery-operated explosives and narcotics trace detection system from Bruker.  Based on industry-standard IMS technology, this compact detection system offers hot-swappable batteries and a detection sensitivity of a bench-top instrument.

With a battery lifetime of 4 hours, the utility of this new product is further enhanced by the use of a non-radioactive photoionization source. This latter feature removes the need to comply with regulations for radioactive safety. Revolutionary CHIRP-IMS signal processing, coupled with continuous automatic calibration provides the sensitivity and selectivity of a bench-top trace detector in a hand-held design that features a convenient pistol grip format. As standard, RoadRunner offers both swab and vapor mode sampling to provide maximum convenience and flexibility.

RoadRunner Features

  • Bench-top sensitivity in a hand-held device
  • Lightweight (7.7 lbs [3.5 kg]), battery-operated
  • Swab and direct vapour sampling of explosives and narcotics
  • Non-radioactive High Energy Photo Ionization source
  • CHIRP-IMS technology and continuous automatic calibration for best performance
  • Aviation Accredited

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Service & Support

Bruker Detection services are performed by factory trained engineers. ISO 9001 requirements are fulfilled.

Available services include:

  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Factory repairs for your instrument with quick turnaround times
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service