Hand-held Chemical Agent Monitor




Extensive portable capability

RAID-M Series hand-held Chemical Agent detectors are based on the well-established principle of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). They are designed to detect, search for and locate Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) on personnel, equipment, vehicles and on the ground. Two versions of RAID-M are offered. The RAID-M100 uses a low-level 63Ni source, whereas the RAID-MNR uses a non-radioactive high energy photoionisation (HEPI) source. Otherwise, both systems are externally identical, perform to the same detection limits and both use the same consumables for operation.

The class leading RAID-M 100 can be operated with one hand, is lightweight and simple to use. RAID-M Series are able to detect, identify, quantify and continuously monitor concentration levels of the specified CWA and TIC.


The identity of detected substances is displayed by its standard code (GA, VX, etc.) or its appropriate abbreviation. For each class (G, H and T) a separate display section is provided, so that all the classes may be monitored independently. Hazard levels are indicated by an incremental bar display with eight segments that relate to concentration.



The RAID-M 100 is lightweight at just 2,9 kg yet robust. IMS detection of CWA or TIC is clearly displayed by standard code or abbreviation in separate lines and quantified by incremental bar levels.    

RAID-M 100 provides the operator with an audible tone and visual LED alarm. Short recovery times are achieved by an auto purge mode and fast detection response by a state of the art measuring cell and software. The unit can be powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery or 12 - 32 V DC source.

Typical appliactions are military deployments such as post-mission analysis/ mobile platforms/ reconnaissance vehicles as well as civilian deployments including civilian response services, Police CBRN teams, First Responders, Firefighters and Chemical Disaster Management teams and the detection of toxic industrial chemicals in gas and vapour form.


Application Notes

  • Monitoring Isocyanates Using a Bruker Ion Mobility Spectrometer
  • Using Bruker RAID instruments to monitor Occupational Exposure Limits to Dimethyl Sulfate


Enhancing capability yet Light Role

RAID-M Series are able to detect, identify, quantify and continuously monitor concentration levels of the specified CWA and TIC.

RAID-M Series can be user-configured to give an audible and a visual alarm when a substance is detected, and includes the ability to silence the sounder. By providing very low detection limits and short response times, the state of the art measuring cell and highly sophisticated detection algorithms, highly toxic substances can be detected at lowest levels.

In the event of an overload, a Bruker Detection exclusive feature realises short recovery times by means of an automatic clean air purge mode; termed ‘backflush’. 

Supporting post-mission analysis of detection events, all RAID-M Series detectors are equipped with a data logging system. This system is capable of continuous monitoring and uses two integrated data loggers that are able to record independently from each other. Separately, these record individual spectra as well as the results of a measurement campaign. The event logger stores almost 3000 events, and the spectrum logger keeps 30 full spectra for subsequent inspection.


RAID-M 100 Features

  • Man portable.
  • Detection, Identification and monitoring in all environments including collective protection.
  • Low detection limits with fast response times.
  • Data and spectra loggers capable of 3000 events and 30 full spectra.
  • Easily integrated in to vehicles or ships.

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Service & Support

Bruker Detection services are performed by factory trained engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled.

Available services include:

  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Factory repairs for your instrument with quick turnaround times
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service