Portable Explosives and Drugs Trace Detector

DE-tector flex

Meets ECAC standard. TSA Approved Air Cargo
DE-tector flex


The concept of access control for critical infrastructure is well understood. However, when such controls need to be applied to members of the public, then additional security measures are required.

For example, in airports and prisons, there is a requirement to screen the public to determine whether they have been in contact with explosives (airports) or narcotics (prisons). This is readily achieved by a trace detector, because these prohibited substances contaminate personal effects, even after washing.

The Bruker DE-tector flex is a trace detection system that fulfils the requirements of these two typical applications perfectly. By swabbing an individual’s property with a non-scratch, disposable swab and inserting it into DE-tector flex, traces of these two classes of substance can be identified automatically; and within a matter of seconds.


The Bruker DE-tector flex employs industry-standard IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) technology, but unlike most other instruments, it uses a non-radioactive source. Together with a low consumables burden, our new HEPI source reduces your through life costs by minimising your compliance requirements.

DE-tector flex


New Generation detection

This innovative third generation system has capabilities that far exceed current system designs. Its novel twin tube IMS facilitates the detection and identification of common explosives and narcotics, yet has the capability to be extended to accommodate new substances.

At the heart of DE-tector flex is a single ionisation chamber that uses Bruker's field-proven, nonradioactive HEPI source. The data shown on-screen can be limited to traffic light displays or opened up to dual polarity spectra series for detailed evaluation. Extensive documentation of measurement data allows complete retrieval of past measurement results.

DE-tector flex Specifications

  • Industry-Standard IMS detection technology
  • Single tube with fast polarity switching for better detection sensitivity
  • Non-radioactive HEPI source
  • Re-useable sampling swabs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Bruker acclaimed “Traffic Light” software
  • Minimum (one year) service intervals
  • No calibration/verification
  • Conforms to CE standards
  • Built in rechargeable battery for 1 h independent operation

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Service & Support

Bruker Detection services are performed by factory trained engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled.

Available services include:

  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Factory repairs for your instrument with quick turnaround times
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service