ESPRIT Communication Functions

ESPRIT contains a number of different communication functions. This ranges from communication with the electron microscope and third party programs to communication between application support and users. This is supported by network and user management tools.



Data communication with SEM, TEM or EPMA:

  • Automatic data transfer between QUANTAX and the SEM, TEM, or EPMA of most important analysis parameters (acceleration voltage, working distance and magnification)
  • Switching between internal and external scan mode
  • Driver for microscopes with internal stage control



Multi-user operation with private data areas and settings:

  • Password protected user access
  • Protected private and public data areas for storage of spectra, project files, and results
  • Private and public hardware profiles, evaluation methods, and method libraries
  • Integrated user data management system



Client server application and remote access via company LAN:

  • Server computer with hardware access (signal processing unit, etc.)
  • Separate client work station(s) for accessing server data and hardware functions
  • Full remote control of data acquisition, system settings and evaluation
  • Secure communication via TCP/IP LAN protocol
  • Simultaneous multi-user operation in connection with QUANTAX User option


ESPRIT Support

Remote diagnosis and long distance support by application experts at Bruker Nano:

  • Use of modern communication channels (email, Web-meeting, Voice over IP, ...)
  • Direct control of customer hardware and software from remote Bruker Nano application center
  • Immediate assistance with complicated application problems
  • No travel cost, no long-distance telephone calls



QUANTAX application programming interface for program integration:

  • Remote control of data acquisition and spectra evaluation using third party programs
  • Flexible operation with and without QUANTAX GUI
  • Remote selection of hardware profiles, evaluation methods, and measurement parameters
  • Full support of the QUANTAX client-server architecture
  • Easy-to-use DLL solution with source code sample application program