Light Element Sensitivity

The M4 TORNADO PLUS is a micro-XRF instrument designed for the detection of light elements. The tube is optimized for exciting lighter elements and the detectors come with an entrance window which transmits even the fluorescence radiation of carbon. For all elements above and including oxygen (Z=8) it is possible to use the signal for quantitative analysis. In particular the sensitivity of the instrument for the signals of aluminum, magnesium and sodium are enhanced by a factor between 2 and 3 in comparison to beryllium window detectors.

A NIST 620 soda lime glass measured with a light element detector and a conventional beryllium window detector. The oxygen signal is completely absorbed by the beryllium window, whereas it is transmitted through the thin polymer foil of the light element window. This higher transmission for light elements can also be seen in the other light element’s signals.
The structural properties of concrete and the level of its decay are both governed by light elements. With increased sensitivity for the light elements and the choice of dedicated excitation conditions a clear picture of elemental gradients and element exchange can be generated in less time.