Super-Resolution Microscopy Articles

Exploring DNA-PAINT

Learn about DNA-PAINT and its unique advantages for imaging multiple specifically-labeled targets at super-resolution

Understand the Advantages of DNA-PAINT

DNA-PAINT is an advanced single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) technique that supports multiplexed imaging of fluorescently tagged molecules at the highest spatial resolution currently achievable.

Like other SMLM techniques, DNA-PAINT makes it possible to find the position of each molecule with high precision. Yet the nature of DNA-PAINT and its process of execution uniquely enable sequential labeling of an unlimited number of structures of interest within a sample (with essentially no photobleaching) and make it easier and more efficient to implement than other techniques.

This article focuses on the principles, capabilities, and unique advantages of DNA-PAINT. Readers can expect to learn:

  • What super-resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT is;
  • How it differs from and compares to other SMLM imaging techniques;
  • The principles and steps of super-resolution imaging with DNA-PAINT; and
  • The value of DNA-PAINT for current and future life science research.

KEYWORDS: advantages of DNA-PAINT, single-molecule localization microscopy, SMLM techniques, multiplexed imaging, molecular imaging