Gas Analysis

MATRIX-MG and OMEGA 5 Gas Analyzers for the fully automated and high precision real-time monitoring of gas compounds.

Gas Analysis

  • Fast, continuous and fully automated identification and quantification of gas compositions
  • No calibration to target gas necessary
  • Compensation of atmospheric gases and interferents
  • Gas cells available with path lengths of 10 cm (MATRIX-MG01), 2 m (MATRIX-MG2) and  5 m (MATRIX-MG5, OMEGA 5)
  • Detects concentrations from a few ppb up to 100%
  • Temperature-controlled gas cell (up to 191°C)
  • Easy-to-use and flexible control software OPUS GA
  • Easy operation and low cost of ownership
  • Long-life components
  • Based on the renowned RockSolid™ interferometer

To cover a very broad range of applications gas cells with path lengths of 10 cm (MATRIX-MG01), 2 m (MATRIX-MG2), respectively 5 m (MATRIX-MG5, OMEGA 5) are available.

These can be heated up to 191°C to avoid condensation of certain compounds in the target gas. Typical applications are the monitoring of process gases in production lines or exhaust gases, the analysis of motor vehicle exhausts and biogases, the determination of gas impurities in high purity gases, as well as the gas analysis in scientific research.

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