Nanoscale Infrared Spectrometer

Dimension IconIR

Photothermal AFM-IR for ultimate versatility in materials research and industrial R&D

Dimension IconIR

Bruker’s large-sample Dimension IconIR™ system combines nanoscale infrared (IR) spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy (SPM) on one platform to deliver the most advanced spectroscopy, imaging, and property mapping capabilities available for academic researchers and industrial users. Incorporating decades of research and technological innovation, IconIR provides unrivaled performance based on and building off the industry-best AFM measurement capabilities of the Dimension Icon®. The system enables correlative microscopy and chemical imaging with enhanced resolution and monolayer sensitivity, while its unique large-sample architecture provides ultimate sample flexibility for the broadest range of applications. For example, the new IconIR polymer solution is an all-in-one package designed to include everything one would need to address key polymer research needs.


The Dimension IconIR platform has the highest performance in the world for AFM-IR measurements, leveraging advancements in IR laser sources, system designs, and operating modes. Read the application note "High-Performance Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy and Imaging with Dimension IconIR" to learn more.

highest performance nanoIR spectroscopy
Provides increased flexibility and performance across sample types and applications.
chemical and nanoscale property mapping
Delivers quantitative nanochemical, nanomechanical, and nanoelectrical data.
photothermal AFM-IR imaging
Enables highest resolution characterization with monolayer sensitivity.

First-and-Only nanoIR Capabilities and Performance

In a single system, IconIR provides the highest performance for nanoscale infrared spectroscopy, chemical imaging resolution, and monolayer sensitivity.

Only Dimension IconIR delivers:

  • High-performance nanoIR spectroscopy with accurate and repeatable FTIR correlation, <10 nm chemical resolution, and monolayer sensitivity
  • Correlative chemical imaging with PeakForce Tapping® nanomechanical and nanoelectrical modes
  • Highest Performance AFM imaging and unmatched sample flexibility with large-sample accommodation*
  • The broadest available range of coordinating applications accessories and AFM modes, including the new Surface Sensitive AFM-IR Mode




*The standard system supports samples up to 150 mm, with versions capable of accommodating larger samples also available.

Most Complete Correlative Microscopy

Together with Bruker-exclusive PeakForce Tapping nanoscale property mapping and proprietary nanoIR spectroscopy technology, the Dimension IconIR system's large-sample platform is uniquely well-suited for correlative studies of materials and active nanoscale systems in electrical or chemically reactive environments—even complex systems with strong mechanical heterogeneities.

IconIR delivers:

  • Advanced quantitative property mapping techniques
  • The most complete correlative microscopy solution for quantitative nanochemical, nanomechanical, and nanoelectrical characterization
Nanochemical (AFM-IR) image of carbon fibers in epoxy resin.
Nanothermal (SThM) image of carbon fibers in epoxy resin.
Nanoelectrical (PF-KPFM) image of carbon fibers in epoxy resin.

Highest Performance NanoIR Spectroscopy

High-quality resonance-enhanced AFM-IR spectra collected at different sites on a PS-LDPE polymer blend, illustrating a high degree of material sensitivity and deeper insight into nanoscale material properties.

Bruker is the innovator for photothermal AFM-IR-based nanoIR spectroscopy with our patented, unique suite of nanoIR modes. These modes enable IconIR to provide high-speed, high performance spectra that correlate to FTIR spectroscopy. The variety of modes support the measurement of a wide range of samples for both industrial and academic users.

IconIR delivers:

  • Highest performance, rich, detailed spectra with FTIR correlation achieving single molecular spectroscopy
  • Resonance-enhanced AFM-IR, the preferred technique for the nanoIR community, with the largest number of scientific publications
  • Highest performance Tapping AFM-IR spectroscopy equivalent to Resonance-Enhanced AFM-IR

Highest Resolution Chemical Imaging

The Icon’s industry-leading AFM performance and Bruker’s patented Tapping AFM-IR imaging together enhance the spatial resolution and sample accessibility of our nanoIR technology, extending its application to segments not currently addressed by the photothermal AFM-IR technique.

IconIR provides:

  • <10 nm chemical spatial resolution for imaging over a broad range of sample types, including soft samples
  • Monolayer sensitivity for imaging of thin films and biological structure
  • Consistent, reliable, and high-quality publishable data
  • Reliable surface sensitive chemical measurements for polymeric films
High-resolution chemical imaging of PS-b-PMMA block copolymer in Tapping AFM-IR mode showing sample topography (a); IR images at 1730 (b); and 1492 cm-1 (c) highlighting PMMA and PS, respectively. The yellow arrows in panel (b) indicate chemical resolution <10 nm. The overlay image (d) captures the composition map.

Chemical Insights Into the Very Top Surface Layer

Top Coating (green trace) acquired in Surface Sensitive mode; Top Coating + Bulk Film (brown trace) acquired in Resonance Enhanced mode Bulk Polyimide film.

Utilizing Bruker’s new patented Surface Sensitive AFM-IR Mode, IconIR significantly decreases chemical probing depth from greater than 500 nanometers to tens of nanometers, while eliminating the need for cross-sectioning to seamlessly combine high spatial resolution and high surface sensitivity chemical imaging.

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