Nanoscale Infrared Spectrometers

A Comprehensive Guide to Photothermal AFM-IR Spectroscopy

An all-inclusive photothermal AFM-IR guide for everyone, from the nanoIR novice to the AFM-IR expert

Bruker's nanoIR experts have created a one-stop resource for researchers that is both highly accessible for novices and practically valuable for expert-level AFM-IR users. This exclusive twenty page guide covers everything AFM-IR, from its fundamental working principles and advantages/limitations versus other techniques, to practical considerations for experiments and instrumentation and detailed use-case examples.

Readers can expect to:

  • Learn what photothermal AFM-IR is, how it works, and what it can do;
  • Identify and validate the spectral correlation between AFM-IR and FTIR;
  • Understand, recognize, and mitigate experimental factors that can affect the measurement, processing, and characterization of AFM-IR spectra; and
  • Gain the technical and practical knowledge needed to confidently interpret AFM-IR data.

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