NMR Clinical Research Solutions

Avance IVDr

Advance your metabolomics research of human biofluids with a push-button, standardized and fully automated, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solution

Furthering human disease research

with powerful technology

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for preparation and measurement of human biofluid samples ensuring the highest spectral quality and reproducibility for the generation of identical spectra, independent of the lab, user, and system.
Enabling Collaboration
Because of the strict standardization of the Bruker Avance IVDr platform, all date and results can be shared among research groups worldwide and can be used for common data analysis.
Single Analysis
Automatically and rapidly quantify hundreds of metabolites in a mixture in one single acquisition, without separation, turning biofluids into data.

Standardized nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy platform enabling cost-effective, high-performance NMR pre-clinical screening and IVD-by-NMR discovery and validation (on RUO Level) of novel NMR assays. The new AVANCE IVDr system, presently for research use only, is a complete, proven and standardized platform for NMR pre-clinical research and screening, as well as for IVD-by-NMR research.

It features high sensitivity and information-rich output at 600 MHz proton-NMR frequency, and incorporates advanced hardware, software, automation, spectral libraries and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for high-performance biofluid assay validation and pre-clinical screening. Customer benefits include higher information content and spectral feature differentiation compared to low-field NMR systems, as well as excellent reproducibility, high throughput and potentially dramatically lower cost per sample for better preparation and support of clinical screening and IVD-by-NMR discovery and validation (on RUO level).


  • Minimal sample preparationn
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Full automation in high throughput screening mode
  • Highest reproducibility and data quality from sample to sample and instrument to instrument
  • Quantification of large sets of metabolites with automated reporting  
    Classification and discriminiation using statistical tools with automated reporting
  • Low cost per sample and lowest cost per parameter, with small footprint to suit every lab


  • No complex sample preparation or sample identification required
  • Ease of use – no need for operator expertise in NMR
  • Highest reproducibility and data quality under full automation – anytime & anywhere
  • Handling of large data sets with simple retrieval of information
  • Rapid transfer from spectra to relevant information
  • Retrospective analysis
  • Integration of spectra and results from different groups world wide


High Performance and Throughput IVD-by-NMR Research

Paving the way for worldwide epidemiological studies as well as for preclinical research.

Dedicated to NMR-based pre-clinical in vitro screening and research, the AVANCE IVDr is optimized for ease-of-use and highest data quality, reliability and reproducibility as shown in the figure on the right side. The new standardized platform offers barcode analysis, control by a LIMS system, the high-throughput autosampler SampleJet™, remote access, and automatic analysis and customizable analytical result reporting.

Based on Bruker-validated SOPs, the AVANCE IVDr platform enables the development of future potential diagnostic tools for body-fluids that can address a variety of medical questions. The SOPs guarantee the preparation of highly reproducible clinical data, enabling the exchange and validation of novel NMR assays between laboratories on a global basis. In a translational clinical research environment the results produced by these NMR assays can easily be transferred into potential clinical screening and future IVD use.

This level of large-scale health-related NMR screening is paving the way for worldwide epidemiological studies as well as for pre-clinical in vitro research. The benefits have been significant: facilitated by the low cost per sample and the even lower cost per parameter as compared to established single parameter screening methods.

Novel NMR methods for determining the cause of disease, delivering individualized patient treatment are now enabling many clinical researchers for developing strategies for prevention.


Interview Anthony Dona, Phenome Centre
Interview Prof. Jeremy Nicholson


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

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