NMR Software

Mnova Verify

Automatic confirmation of structure identity based on NMR and/or LC/GC/MS data
Structure Verification
Automatically check a proposed structure against a set of analytical data
Molecule Scoring
Offers a compatibility judgment of the proposed structure

Automated structure verification is becoming more widely used to quickly reject incorrect structures prior to submission to company compound repositories and biological assays. The tool is designed for synthetic and medicinal chemists. It automatically checks a proposed structure against a set of analytical data, LCMS or GCMS and/or 1D NMR and/or 2D NMR.


  • Powerful algorithm running behind the scenes
  • Comparison between experimental and theoretical data
  • Reporting of results using a novel scoring system


  • Non-expert users can quick-check results
  • Use the scoring system to get a detailed result for each of the tests and re-work on them if they are not good enough
  • Save your time and let the software warn you if any inconsistencies are found


Please note that the new Mnova NMRPredict “Ensemble NMR Predictor” (Version ≥ 14) consists in two different licenses, Modgraph and Mestrelab Predictors.


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