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FilmTek 2000M TSV

Advanced metrology system for high-throughput measurements in semiconductor packaging applications

FilmTek 2000M-TSV

The FilmTek™ 2000M TSV metrology system provides an unmatched combination of speed and accuracy for advanced semiconductor packaging applications. This system delivers best-in-class measurement performance and precision for high-throughput measurements for various packaging processes and related structures, including characterizing resist thickness, through silicon vias (TSVs), Cu-pillars, bumps, and redistribution layer (RDL).


High-yield TSV fabrication requires rapid, high-accuracy measurements of TSV etch depth and depth uniformity. The FilmTek 2000M TSV system features our patented optical method, based on normal incidence reflectometry, enabling users to efficiently and precisely measure the etch depth of high aspect ratio TSV structures. The system can readily determine etch depth for via structures with diameters greater than 1 µm up to a maximum etch depth of 500 µm. 


Moreover, our patented low power objective optical design enables the FilmTek 2000M TSV to achieve very small spot sizes — the same order as the diameter of targeted via structures — with a nearly collimated measurement beam. For example, the system can be configured such that a 10X objective gives a measurement spot size of 5 µm by 10 µm in the y and x dimensions, respectively. This optical design limits the angular spectrum of the collected light and maximizes the coherence of the spectral reflection from a high aspect ratio TSV or trench structure. The system can consequently deliver data with far greater clarity than metrology instruments that use a high power objective.


Additional capabilities include measurement of height or depth, critical dimension, and film thickness for microbumps, trenches, and a variety of other structures and applications.

accuracy and speed
Delivers fast, high-accuracy measurements of complex 3D structures in ~1 second per point.
patented optical method
Enables high-performance etch depth measurements on high aspect ratio TSV structures, including via structures with diameters down to 1 µm with etch depth up to 500 µm.
measurement capability
Overcomes the challenges of measuring resist thickness, through silicon vias (TSVs), Cu-pillars, bumps, redistribution layer (RDL) and other packaging processes.
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Measurement Capabilities

Enables determination of:

  • TSV etch depth for via structures with diameters greater than 1 µm up to a maximum etch depth of 500 µm.
  • Height or depth
  • Critical dimensions
  • Film thickness

System Components


  • Measure high aspect ratio TSV structures
  • Measure TSV etch depth up to 500 µm
  • Measure TSV structures with diameter down to 1 µm
  • Patented FilmTek technology
  • Fast measurement time (~1 second per point)
  • TSV etch depth, bump height, critical dimension, and film thickness metrology in a single tool
  • Cassette to cassette wafer handling
  • Brooks or SCI automation
  • 300mm, FOUP, and SMIF compatible

Typical Application Areas

Typical application areas include:

  • TSV metrology
  • Advanced semiconductor packaging

With flexible software that can be easily modified to satisfy unique customer requirements in  R&D and production environments.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Function
TSV etch depth, bump height, critical dimension, and film thickness
Wafer Handling Brooks or Bruker
Substrate Size 200 or 300 mm
Pattern Recognition Cognex
CD Precision (1σ) <0.2%
Etch Depth Precision (1σ) <0.005%
Film Thickness Range 5 nm to 350 µm (5 nm to 150 µm is standard)
Film Thickness Precision (1σ) <0.005%
Light Source Halogen lamp
Detector Type 2048 pixel Sony linear CCD array
Computer Multi-core processor with Windows™ 10 Operating System
Wafer Throughput >60 WPH

Comparison of Via Etch Depth by FilmTek 2000M TSV and SEM

Via Diameter (µm)

Etch Depth (µm)


Etch Depth (μm)

FilmTek 2000M TSV

5 44.5 44.3
10 55.5 55.5
15 62.0 61.8
20 66.5 66.8

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