Photomask Repair


3rd Generation Femto-Pulse Laser Repair System

45nm Production Photomask Repair

High-Speed and Precision Mask Repair Capability

The fp-III® Femto-Pulse Laser System is the newest addition to Bruker’s highly successful family of Photomask repair tools. With its extraordinary high-speed and precision mask repair capability, the fp-III is today’s most cost effective solution to replace obsolete, older, slower and less capable existing laser and FIB mask repair systems.  The fp-III is designed for volume production mask repairs down to the 45nm technology node, including large and small area image reconstruction and through pellicle repairs. 

Broad Range
of laser ablation & particle removable materials
Including chrome, MoSi, opaque MoSi, SiN, quartz, EUV, foreign materials, and persistent unknown particles
Edge Placement
≤ 20 nm (± from target) of all materials
Extraordinary accuracy control permits repairs to be specifically matched to the specified reference or differentially biased at the line edges
Iterative Repair
with femto-pulse laser
Assures no absorber or quartz damage, no heat damage, no splash or roll-up
All Mask
45nm node repair
With the capability to remove unknown particles from EUV masks

Ultimate Control of Mask Repair Made Easy

Our Fempto-Pulse laser repair processes are fully controllable by shape, power, and number of pulses; independent of material composition, material interfaces or the geometry being removed.

Additionally, the integrated local pattern copy functions are standard on the system for easy setup and repeatable results.

Designed for Best Performance

The fp-III comes standard with both reflected and transission imaging to provide the best possible AIMS transmission performance.

Offering superior through-pellicle repair and particle removal capability of persistent unknown particle contamination, even over large areas.

Lots of Capability with None of the Worries

Bruker's mask repair fp-III delivers production-proven, high-speed repairs with:

  • no vacuum requirement
  • no chemistries
  • no chemical residues
  • no beam related charging effects
  • no need for constant drift correction using undesirable positioning markers


How Can We Help?

Bruker partners with our customers to solve real-world application issues. We develop next-generation technologies and help customers select the right system and accessories. This partnership continues through training and extended service, long after the tools are sold.

Our highly trained team of support engineers, application scientists and subject-matter experts are wholly dedicated to maximizing your productivity with system service and upgrades, as well as application support and training.

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