Nanomechanical Testing

xZ 500 Extended Displacement Stage

500µm displacement capability for testing soft and compliant materials systems

The xZ 500 Extended Displacement Stage increases the testing range of Bruker’s Hysitron TriboIndenter Series nanomechanical test instruments. Providing indentation displacements up to 500μm, the xZ 500 delivers enhanced testing capabilities to characterize soft, compliant material systems and adhesives with long-range tack properties. The xZ 500 provides a unique combination of:

  • Ultra-low force sensing
  • Low displacement noise floor
  • Large displacement actuation range

The xZ 500 Extended Displacement option is ideally suited for testing of challenging samples such as soft polymers, gels, adhesives, and other compliant materials where small applied forces result in large indenter displacements. Additionally, the xZ 500 can be used to directly confirm the stiffness of complaint structures in MEMS devices.

Bruker's proprietary three-plate capacitive transducer operates in parallel with the xZ 500 Extended Displacement Stage. This decoupled operation combines force sensing by the transducer and indentation axis actuation by the stage, while providing a <30nN force noise floor and 1nm displacement noise floor over the entire 500μm displacement range.