Stylus Profilometer


The gold standard in stylus profiling


The DektakXT® stylus profilometer features a revolutionary benchtop design that enables an unmatched repeatability of 4Å and up to 40% improvement in scanning speeds. This major milestone in stylus profiler performance is the culmination of over fifty years of Dektak® innovation and industry leadership. Through its combination of industry firsts, DektakXT delivers the ultimate in performance, ease of use, and value to enable better process monitoring from R&D to QC. The technological breakthroughs incorporated in DektakXT enable critical nanometer-level surface measurements for the microelectronics, semiconductor, solar, high-brightness LED, medical, and materials science industries.

4 angstrom
Delivers industry-leading accuracy.
Provides breakthrough scan stability.
Enables effortless tip exchange.

Accelerating Data Collection and Analysis

Utilizing a unique direct-drive scan stage, the DektakXT accelerates measurement scan times by 40% while maintaining industry-leading performance. Vision64, Bruker’s 64-bit parallel processing operation and analysis software, enables faster loading of 3D files and faster applications of filters and multiscan database analyses.

DektakXT's 64-bit, parallel-processing Vision54 completes and processes large 3D data files in nearly half the time.

Delivering the Most Repeatable Measurements

Dektak's all-in-one stylus sensor enables simultaneous large vertical range and low-force scanning.

Implementing a single-arch structure makes the DektakXT sturdier, which minimizes the effects of environmental noise. DektakXT’s upgraded “smart electronics” reduce temperature variations and employ modern processors that minimize error-inducing noise, allowing it to be an even more robust system capable of measuring <10nm step heights.

Perfecting Operation and Analysis

Bruker’s Vision64 software complements DektakXT’s innovative design by providing the most intuitive and streamlined visual user interface. The combination of intelligent architecture and customizable automation capabilities allow for fast and comprehensive data collection and analysis. Whether you’re using a recipe to perform routine analysis on single scans, or applying custom filters settings and calculations, DektakXT’s Data Analyzer displays current data while also revealing other possible analyses.

DektakXT's Vision64 significantly simplifies and accelerates operation and data analysis.

Making Things Easy

DektakXT features the fastest and easiest tip exchange, enabling various tips to address the widest range of applications.

The DektakXT’s self-aligning stylus assembly allows the user to quickly and easily change stylus size while eliminating any potential mishaps during the process. Bruker offers the widest range of stylus sizes to accommodate nearly any application need.

Ensuring High Yield

DektakXT provides the ability to quickly and easily set up and run automated multi-site measurement routines to verify the precise thickness of thin films across the wafer surface with unmatched repeatability. This efficient monitoring can save valuable time and money by improving yields.

DektakXT 3D map of a hybrid circuit.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I am a longtime owner of Bruker profilers. My first one was a Dektak 6 stylus profilometer some twenty years ago, then a Dektak 150, followed by a ContourGT optical profiler, and most recently a Dektak XT. What’s more, all these machines are still working! They are just ‘work horses’, delivering fine and accurate measurements day-in and day-out, with minimal down-time. As the manager of a multi-user facility, I am really happy for all these years of good partnership with Bruker. Hundreds of students have already used those machines, thousands of times. Which fully proves these profilers are robust, reliable and friendly platforms.

Dr. Shimon Eliav, Unit for Nano Fabrication Head, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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