Tribometers and Mechanical Testers

The Advantages of the 6D Force-Torque Sensor with Multiple-Axes Measurement

Read about our advanced sensor technology for obtaining accurate and repeatable force-torque measurements

Force-Torque Measurements; Rotary Test; Brake Materials Screening; ASTM D4172-20; ASTM D2266-01; ASTM D5183-21; ASTM D2596-20; ASTM D2783-19; ASTM G99-17; ASTM G132-96(2018); ASTM D3702-94(2019); ASTM D5619-00; ASTM D8288-19

High-precision evaluation of tribological properties is critical for many research and industrial applications. Despite the availability of multiple options for testing these properties, interdependency between the material, surface, environment, and the measuring equipment itself creates significant barriers to obtaining accurate and repeatable tribological property measurements.

This tech note describes the features and advantages of TriboLab’s 6D Force-Torque Sensor, including its impact on TriboLab's performance in compliance with various internationally recognized standards, such as the ASTM, ISO, DIN, SAE, and many others

Readers can expect to learn more about how the UMT TriboLab 6D Force-Torque Sensor:

  • Delivers simultaneous force-torque measurement over a wide range of forces and torques;
  • Minimizes measurement uncertainties; and
  • Resolves interference between measurement axes in multiple directions.