Labscape Maintenance Service Agreements

Microbiology & Diagnostics

Maintenance Service Agreements

Bruker LabScape maintenance service agreements are a key component for maximizing the duty cycle and reliability of your instrument. This leads to a significant increase in productivity while having complete cost control and maximum planning security. These flexible service solutions suit your needs and budget and include following options:

  • Fast response and maximum uptime
  • Latest software and libraries
  • Modern remote support and diagnostics
  • Regular instrument maintenance
  • Unlimited on-site repairs
  • Original parts and supplies
  • Dedicated on-site training
  • Targeted application support
  • State-of-the-art compliance services
  • Comprehensive software services
  • High-availability services with guaranteed next-business-day on-site response

LabScape™ - Service & Lifecycle Support Brochure

Service Agreements

Choose one of the following LabScape Maintenance Service Agreements available for instruments used for microbiology and infection diagnostics:

LabScape Complete – Ensure peak performance. A comprehensive solution providing comprehensive service including spare, wear and tear parts which helps you avoid instrument failures, costly repairs and down time.

LabScape Complete 48 – All the support you need within 48 hours. A package including guaranteed on-site response within two business days to resolve the problem before it affects your business.

LabScape Complete 24 – High-availability services within 24 hours. A VIP package
for time-critical operations with all services and a guaranteed next-business-day on-site response.*

Remote Services No Contract LabScape
Complete 48
Complete 24
Unlimited Priority Remote Support  
Augmented Reality – Virtual Engineer  
Software services        
MBT Compass SW and Library Upgrades  
Regular Maintenance        
Regular Maintenance Work and Parts  
On-site Repair Services and Parts        
Unlimited Repair Visits incl. Spare Parts  
Wear and Tear Part Replacement  
Loaner Equipment*      
Compliance Services        
Operational Qualification / Performance. Validation      
On-site Response Service Level        
On-site Response 5+ business
3-5 business
2nd business day next business day
Additional benefits        
Operation Training or Applications Training   premium discount premium discount premium discount

* Not available at al l Bruker Locations.