Foreign Object Identification

Find the root cause of foreign objects by our dedicated spectrocscopy solutions to avoid costly recalls.



Identifying Foreign Objects

A companies’ reputation can be seriously at risk if foreign objects are found in food or beverages by the end-user. Even timely recalls can impose a financial challenge. Our spectroscopy solutions can help to find the root cause and avoid future incidents.

No manufacturer wants physical contaminants found in their products, but it happens. Consequently, it’s important to identify the foreign material as quickly as possible and to decrease the time it takes to locate the contaminant source. This helps to determine if it’s from faulty equipment, starting material, or a false claim.

Foreign bodies found in food products need to be identified to be able to determine their source for taking corrective action. XRF and FT-IR quickly identify these small physical contaminant materials on the production floor or in the lab. Whereas XRF spectroscopy is ideal for metals, ceramics, stones and glass, the complementary FT-IR technology works best for plastics, rubbers, and other organic materials.