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Routine FT-IR Spectrometers

Whether compact FT-IR workhorse, portable instrument, or feature-rich infrared platform; Bruker offers the complete portfolio for routine chemical analysis.

FT-IR Spectroscopy: Your Go to Technique

Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy is the standard technique in many industries for tasks like quality control, failure analysis, and research and development because it can analyze nearly any sample in minutes with little to no sample preparation. Plus, anyone can operate an FT-IR spectrometer and get high quality results.

The Bruker FT-IR Advantage

Top Tier Performance
Even our most compact spectrometers give you the best performance on the
market. Great spectral resolution and superior signal-to-noise ratios mean results
will be precise and reliable. Plus, all our models feature highly sensitivity detectors
to capture even the smallest details.

Quality Construction
Our spectrometers are built to last. Every part, inside and out, is made with durable,
high-quality materials. That means your spectrometer will hold up to the demands
of daily use, giving results you can trust again and again.

Robust and Reliable
Get reliable results every time, no matter what. Our interferometers feature a
unique design that's wear-free and resistant to external disruptions that could
interfere with your measurements. Plus, smart software continuously monitors
every component so your spectra will always look as they should.

Intuitive Operation
Our software package for vibrational spectroscopy, OPUS, offers a user-friendly
interface and intuitive design that benefits both new and experienced users.
Beginners are supported by guided workflows, so minimal training time is required
to become proficient with the spectrometer. Experts can expect advanced feature
sets and smart software tools to aid analysis.