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In-Situ Nanoindentation Virtual Workshop: Advanced Capabilities of the New Hysitron PI 89 PicoIndenter

Discover the advanced in-situ nanoindentation capabilities of the Hysitron PI 89 PicoIndenter.

Refresh your knowledge of nanoindentation testing inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

In celebration of the re-opening of our PicoIndenter Demonstration Facility in Berlin, Germany, this virtual workshop showcases the advanced in-situ nanoindentation capabilities and integrations of the Hysitron PI 89 PicoIndenter.

Contact us to find out more about the technology featured in this webinar or our other solutions for in-situ nanoindentation.

Recorded on December 01, 2021

Program Overview

Our application scientists give a live demonstration of the advanced testing capabilities of the PI 89 PicoIndenter inside the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) which includes pillar compression, scratch testing, in-situ SPM imaging, and high-speed indentation mapping. We also discuss the benefits of combining in-situ nanoindentation with other Bruker analysis techniques, such as EDS, EBSD, etc., and the ease of achieving this type of multi-method analysis with the Hysitron PI 89 PicoIndenter.

This includes both technical presentations and hands-on demonstrations of:

  • Main features and functions of the Hysitron PI 89 PicoIndenter;
  • Core capabilities, ease-of-use, general operation;
  • Basic techniques, including in-situ nanoindentation; and
  • Advanced techniques, including pillar compression, high-speed property mapping, scratch testing, in-situ SPM imaging.

Inexperienced nanoindenter users will learn about the benefits of nanoindentation testing inside the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and some of the many research challenges it can solve, while advanced nanoindenter users will benefit from joining the demonstration and discussion of advanced in-situ techniques and data analysis.

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With introduction, Q&A, and conclusion led by Carmen Pettersson, Marcom Manager, Bruker EMEA.

Ude Hangen, Ph.D.
Applications Manager, Bruker EMEA

Jaroslav Lukeš, Ph.D., Sales Applications Scientist, Bruker

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Refresh your knowledge of nanoindentation testing inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

Presented live from our newly re-opened European customer demo facility, this recording includes:

  • An introduction to the new and advanced in-situ testing capabilities of the PI 89 PicoIndenter.
  • Live demonstrations of in-situ nanoindentation, pillar compression, scratch testing, high-speed indentation mapping, and more.
  • Practical guidance, tips, and tricks for achieving better results from in-situ nanoindentation.
  • Interactive Q&A session between our expert speakers and researchers in the field.
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DNA-PAINT is a localization-based super-resolution method offering molecular resolution (< 5 nm) combined with unlimited multiplexing capabilities. DNA-PAINT reagents from Massive Photonics are a perfect match for the Bruker Vutara VXL microscope. In combination with the Bruker fluidic system, automated, multiplexed cellular imaging in 3D is now accessible out of the box.

Watch the webinar for practical guidance for DNA-PAINT sample preparation, image acquisition, and data analysis, as well as an introduction to:

  • The Vutara VXL super-resolution microscope and integrated fluidics unit;
  • The theoretical background of DNA-PAINT; and
  • The products available from Massive Photonics for DNA-PAINT experiments.


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