Fluorescence Microscopy Webinars

Imaging Complex Structure with Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscopy and CLARITY Tissue Clearing

Explore the practical applications and best-known methods of light-sheet microscopy and CLARITY tissue clearing

Learn from light-sheet and sample clearing experts.

This webinar focuses on the practical applications and best-known methods of combined light-sheet microscopy and CLARITY tissue clearing.

This information is perfect for researchers who want to learn more about CLARITY tissue clearing, 3D IHC, and imaging on the MuVi SPIM CS.

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CLARITY Tissue Clearing with Light-Sheet Microscopes

Featuring Luxendo light-sheet microscopes and ClearLight CLARITY tissue clearing.

Luxendo light-sheet microscopes offer fast, true volume, in-depth imaging of a great variety of large biological samples. ClearLight brings CLARITY tissue clearing to tissues beyond the brain.

During the presentation, light-sheet and sample clearing experts showcase:

  • Use of the MuVi SPIM microscope with versatile 4-axis design optimized for large cleared-sample 3D imaging and analysis; and
  • CLARITY tissue clearing of mouse intestine, specifically how imaging on a light sheet system provides added value when visualizing the intestines’ unique structure, shape, and layers.


Find out more about the technology featured in this webinar or our other solutions for cleared sample imaging:


Sharla White, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Development, ClearLight Bio

Dr. White has been with ClearLight since 2016, pioneering the use of CLARITY tissue clearing with many different tissue types and applications beyond the brain tissue the technique was originally developed for. She previously worked in Cancer Immunology at Genentech. Dr. White’s research focus areas include cancer biology, immunotherapeutics, tissue clearing technologies, cardiovascular diseases, vascular biology, and inflammation.