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RAIN-STORM: Imaging the Molecular Architecture of Nervous System Tissue at the Nanoscopic Level

Dr. Melanie Samuels (Baylor College of Medicine) discusses the development and use of the RAIN-STORM nanoscale imaging technique

Nano-scale imaging of the molecular organization of the nervous system in tissue provides deeper insight into nervous system function.

This webinar focuses on the development of RAIN-STORM, a rapid and scalable imaging approach that enables 3D visualization of multiple subcellular targets at the nanoscopic level.

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Learn about advanced techniques for nano-scale imaging of the molecular organization of the nervous system in tissue.

Presented by Dr. Melanie Samuel (Baylor College of medicine).

Viewers can expect to:

  • Hear, in detail, about the development of the RAIN-STORM technique;
  • See sample data collected using the RAIN-STORM technique;
  • Understand the advantages and opportunities created by imaging multiple subcellular targets in three dimensions; and
  • Learn the best practices for RAIN-STORM sample preparation and data analysis.


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DNA-PAINT is a localization-based super-resolution method offering molecular resolution (< 5 nm) combined with unlimited multiplexing capabilities. DNA-PAINT reagents from Massive Photonics are a perfect match for the Bruker Vutara VXL microscope. In combination with the Bruker fluidic system, automated, multiplexed cellular imaging in 3D is now accessible out of the box.

Watch the webinar for practical guidance for DNA-PAINT sample preparation, image acquisition, and data analysis, as well as an introduction to:

  • The Vutara VXL super-resolution microscope and integrated fluidics unit;
  • The theoretical background of DNA-PAINT; and
  • The products available from Massive Photonics for DNA-PAINT experiments.


If you have any questions about these or any of our other products or services, please contact us. Follow @BrukerFM on Twitter for event, product, and webinar updates.

Explore a Cutting-Edge Technique for Visualizing Nervous System Function

Our guest speaker Melanie Samuel, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine) discusses, in-depth, the development and use of RAIN-STORM. This innovative rapid and scalable imaging approach opens up new opportunities for research and discovery of nervous system function, enables nanoscopic visualization of multiple subcellular targets in three dimensions.


In this webinar, Dr. Samuel discusses:

  • The development and use of RAIN-STORM for rapid and scalable 3D imaging of multiple subcellar targets;
  • Detailed experimental findings*;
  • The ability of the RAIN-STORM technique to image over 20 distinct targets of synapses, neurons, glia and the vasculature in a structurally-complex retina sample; and
  • Best practices for RAIN-STORM sample preparation and labeling, as well as analysis protocols.

*The experiment showcased in this presentation uses the well-organized but structurally complex retina to illustrate the ability of RAIN-STORM for nanoscopic tissue imaging. This imaging process was compatible with a wide range of tissue sources, including clinically derived samples.

Find out more about the technology featured in this webinar or our other solutions for neuroscience imaging:


Melanie Samuel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine