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RAIN-STORM: Imaging the Molecular Architecture of Nervous System Tissue at the Nanoscopic Level

Our guest speaker discusses using RAIN-STORM to explore the molecular organization of the nervous system 


This webinar is no longer available on-demand. For more information about using RAIN-STORM with Bruker's Vutara super-resolution microscope, contact us.

Nano-scale imaging with RAIN-STORM provides deeper insight into nervous system function

This webinar focuses on the development of RAIN-STORM, a rapid and scalable imaging approach that enables 3D visualization of multiple subcellular targets at the nanoscopic level. Our guest speaker Dr. Melanie Samuels will go into detail about:

  • The development of the RAIN-STORM technique;
  • Sample data collected using the RAIN-STORM technique;
  • Advantages and opportunities created by imaging multiple subcellular targets in three dimensions; and
  • Best practices for RAIN-STORM sample preparation and data analysis.

Explore a Cutting-Edge Technique for Visualizing Nervous System Function

Melanie Samuel, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine) discusses, in-depth, the development and use of RAIN-STORM. This innovative imaging approach opens new opportunities for researching nervous system function and enables nanoscopic visualization of multiple subcellular targets in three dimensions.

In this webinar, Dr. Samuel discusses:

  • The development and use of RAIN-STORM for rapid and scalable 3D imaging of multiple subcellar targets;
  • Detailed experimental findings;
  • The ability of the RAIN-STORM technique to image over 20 distinct targets of synapses, neurons, glia, and the vasculature in a structurally complex retina sample; and
  • Best practices for RAIN-STORM sample preparation and labeling as well as analysis protocols.

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Guest Speaker

Melanie Samuel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine