MR Microscopy & High Power Diffusion


MR Microscopy probes feature exchangeable rf coils in various diameters for 1H and X-nuclei available as single or double tuned.

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MR Microscopy Probes


Micro2.5 -MicWB40

Wide Bore Probe with a sample diameter of 5-30 mm and a gradient strength of 1.5 T/m. The MicWB40 is the MR microscopy workhorse -versatile and powerful. Enabling support for an unlimited amount of studies, such as, rock cores, food, or small rodents.
Micro2.5 CryoProbe

Micro2.5 - CryoProbe

Micro2.5 - CryoProbe with a sample diameter of 5 or 10 mm and a gradient strength of 1.5 T/m. Requires Micro2.5 gradient probe. The Cryoprobe takes image quality to the next level. Depending on the application it increases spatial resolution and/or reduces scan times. It is the perfect solution for the investigations of plants, small animals, porous and inhomogeneous objects, study fast dynamic processes or microliter spectroscopy.

Micro2.5 - Magic Angle Spinning

Wide Bore Probe, requires Micro2.5 gradient probe. The Micro2.5 Magic Angle Spinning Probe combines powerful MAS technology with the unique MR microscopy gradient technology and enables to acquire stunning images and localized spectra of semi-solid objects.


Standard Bore Probe with a Sample Diameter of 0.5 -10 mm and aGradient strength of 3 T/m. The Micro5 probe utilizes Bruker’s strongest imaging gradient and is typically used to study mineral or geologic samples, polymers, tablet dissolution kinetics, plants and seeds, bone or tissue biopsy.

Mini0.75 – MiniWB57R

Wide Bore Probe with a Sample Diameter of 20 -40 mm and a Gradient strength of 470 mT/m. The Mini0.75 gradient probe in conjunction the MiniWB57R rf probe allows the investigation of larger samples in a WB magnet but supplies a lower gradient amplitude compared to the Micro 2.5. The probe excels at in vivo studies with larger mice or young rats, or all other kind of samples, where larger sample space is required

SWB Probes – MiniSWB90

Super Wide Bore Probe with a Sample Diameter 20 -66 mm and a Gradient strength of 780 mT/m. The MiniSWB90 super wide bore probe is optimized for material research and the investigation of process parameters. Offering a stunning sample space of up to 66 mm OD it is the largest probe for Bruker vertical bore magnets



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