MR Microscopy & High Power Diffusion


MR Microscopy probes feature exchangeable rf coils in various diameters for 1H and X-nuclei available as single or double tuned.


MR Microscopy Probes


Micro2.5 -MicWB40

Wide Bore Probe with a sample diameter of 5-30 mm and a gradient strength of 1.5 T/m. The MicWB40 is the MR microscopy workhorse -versatile and powerful. Enabling support for an unlimited amount of studies, such as, rock cores, food, or small rodents.
Micro2.5 CryoProbe

Micro2.5 - CryoProbe

Bruker’s CyroProbe expertise into the field MR microscopy is leading to new, exciting opportunities. MR Microscopy techniques for small samples with dedicated diameters 5 and 10 mm benefit from CryoProbe technology and a factor of up to 4 improvement in sensitivity on non-polar samples.

Micro2.5 - Magic Angle Spinning

Fusing Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) technology with the MR Microscopy gradient technology enables to acquire images and localized spectra of semi-solid objects due to the combination of reduced signal linewidth with a high and very linear gradient field. Rotors with a 3.2 or 4 mm diameter are offered, further on request. Besides imaging applications very slow diffusion processes can be investigated applying the strong gradient fields.


MR microscopy standard bore probe with exchangeable coils and integrated gradients for samples up to 10mm diamater.

Mini0.75 – MiniWB57R

The MiniWB57R rf probe offers the max. available sample space in a WB magnet - a perfect compromise between space and gradient strength. Its main application field is in in-vivo studies of rodents, such as, large mice or small rats. Combined with it‘s exchangable rf coils it can be adapted to perfeclty match your application.

SWB Probes – MiniSWB90

Bruker’s vertical super wide bore (SWB) magnets provide a space for samples up to a diameter of 66 mm. Therefore it is Bruker’s largest vertical magnet system with a room temperature bore diameter of 154 mm. The MiniSWB90 super wide bore rf probe is optimized for material research and the investigation of process parameters.



Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

Bruker’s commitment to provide customers with unparalleled help throughout the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to evaluation, installation, and the lifetime of the instrument is now characterized by the LabScape service concept.

LabScape Maintenance Agreements, On-Site On-Demand and Enhance Your Lab are designed to offer a new approach to maintenance and service for the modern laboratory