SEM PicoIndenter Series

Hysitron PI 85E

Extended range in-situ nanomechanical testing instrument for scanning electron microscopes

Hysitron PI 85E SEM PicoIndenter

The Hysitron PI 85E SEM PicoIndenter extends the range of your in-situ mechanical testing, bridging the gap between nanoscale and microscale characterization. This depth-sensing nanomechanical test system is specifically designed to leverage the advanced imaging capabilities of scanning electron microscopes (SEM, FIB/SEM, PFIB) while simultaneously performing quantitative nanomechanical testing. Its extended force range enables researchers to accurately test dimensionally large and/or hard structures that require larger loads to induce failure and/or fracture. The PI 85E instrument offers indentation, compression, tension, and fatigue testing across the entire materials spectrum (from metals and alloys to ceramics, composites, and semiconductor materials). The compact, low-profile architecture of PI 85E makes it ideally suited for small-chamber SEMs, Raman and optical microscopes, beamlines, and more.

suite of core testing techniques
Supports nanoindentation, compression, tension, Push-to-Pull (PTP), Electrical Push-to-Pull (EPTP), nanoDynamic and electrical characterization.
SEM accessory
Enables reliable measurements by technicians and operators in multi-user facilities.
force and displacement range
Provides intrinsic displacement actuation and displacement control from <1 nm to 100 µm, load range from <1 µN to 200 mN, and 78 kHz feedback rate and data acquisition up to 39 kHz to capture transient events.

Nanoindentation: High-Precision In-Situ Mechanical Testing

Characterize hardness, creep, stress relaxation, elastic modulus, and fracture touhgness of near-surface features, interfaces, localized microstructures, and thin films. 

Behavior Exploration with Extended Range

Deformation of carbon nanotube (CNT) structure.

Hysitron PI 85E incorporates a variety of testing modes to characterize fundamental mechanical properties, stress-strain behavior, stiffness, fracture toughness, and deformation mechanisms across a wide range of samples. In addition to Bruker's industry-standard testing transducer, PI 85E offers higher load (250 mN) and larger displacement (150 µm) capabilities. The high-bandwidth transducer and flexure with advanced control electronics fully optimize large-scale sample testing and provide exceptional performance and sensitivity.

Characterization of One-, Two- and Three-Dimensional Nanostructures

Deformation of ZnO nanowire mounted on E-PTP.

The Hysitron PI 85E system uses patented Push-to-Pull (PTP) devices to characterize one-dimensional structures, such as nanowires and nanotubes, and two-dimensional structures, such as free-standing thin films. These structures can also be electrically characterized with the instrument's optional Electrical Push-to-Pull devices. The larger displacement range of PI 85E is also ideal for testing deformation of three-dimensional lattices to larger strain.

Upgrade Options and Add-Ons

Expand PI 85E's Capabilities


Contact us for more information about available upgrade options and how PI 85E can be configured to meet your specific measurement needs now and grow with your research going forward.


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