4 Reasons You Need SmartDriveNMR

Are you the administrator of an NMR spectrometer? Are you spending too much of your time handling all analytical requests coming in day-by-day? Here are four reasons why SmartDriveNMR can help you tackle your everyday challenges.
Save Time and Effort
SmartDriveNMR allows you to focus on the samples you really want to work on and automatically handles the others. Are your colleagues asking for lots of measurements every day? Are many of them small molecules? Does it take too much of your time to set up each experiment step-by-step? SmartDriveNMR automatically sets up experiments and optimizes parameters for small molecules. You just need to allocate the time the software should spend for each sample and the desired quality – all the rest will be done by SmartDriveNMR.
Optimize the Usage of your NMR Instrument
Once the quality of a measurement has been achieved, the next job will be started right away. This enables optimal use of your instrument and minimizes downtime.
Receive High-Quality Results with No Expertise Needed
You don’t need to be an NMR specialist to receive excellent results. Even special requests can be handled by SmartDriveNMR and the results will go beyond just standardized analyses. Is the concentration of the sample insufficient? SmartDriveNMR will compensate the lack of material and it will deliver reliable results of the desired quality - without the need of any additional activity from your side.
Automate your Own Experiments
Have you designed your own experiments and want them to be automated? The new SmartDriveNMR provides you full flexibility to use your own experiments for automated measurements and optimization.