Simultaneous EBSD and EDS Analysis

Acquisition and Evaluation of High Quality Data

Due to the unique capability in positioning the Bruker EDS and EBSD detectors, optimum measurement conditions for both can be achieved. This permits fast and efficient simultaneous EBSD and EDS data acquisition.

Having both methods at hand at the same time is a tremendous benefit for the quality of data produced and conclusions made. Especially in cases of doubt it is very useful to have a second source of information for correct data interpretation. As many analytical steps can be done offline extremely fast, this saves both operator and SEM time.

Simultaneous EBSD and EDS measurement has the following applications:

  • Providing phase constituents as input for offline phase identification with Advanced Phase ID
  • EDS-based online discrimination of phases producing similar patterns


Fast EDS-based online phase discrimination

There are cases where phases produce EBSPs that are so similar that they are indistinguishable by EBSD alone although they have different constituents. For these EDS-based online discrimination can be used. The weight of EDS data in the final results can be modified by the user between 1% and 100%.

Thanks to the fast quantification routine and the capabilities of Bruker's XFlash® EDS detectors, acquisition and evaluation can be performed at a speed of up to 930 patterns/s. For this purpose EDS spectra acquired at every point of a measurement are stored in a single file together with the EBSD data, meaning they are both always accessible online and offline.