Microbial Identification

Optimizing Microbial Identification Workflows 

Dedicated accessories for MALDI Biotyper® sample preparation

Enhance efficiency, increase traceability, elevate results

Guided sample transfer with MBT Pilot®

Simplify your sample positioning with the MBT Pilot®, equipped with microprojection technology that guides you to the next free MALDI target plate position. Prevent sample mix-ups, boost productivity, and enjoy an ergonomic setup with optimized hand rests and on-screen help text. This workstation is seamlessly integrated with MALDI Biotyper® software, ensuring a fully traceable and paperless process.

MBT Pilot®

Accelerated drying with MBT FAST Shuttle

MBT FAST Shuttle

More than a decade ago, the MALDI Biotyper® revolutionized microbiology and convinced many microbiologists because of its fast and accurate results.

However - fast is never fast enough – and all solutions to speed up the process are helpful to decrease the time-to-result.

Preparing samples for MALDI-TOF analysis inevitably requires a little bit of patience while the matrix is drying and crystallizing. The time needed for the crucial matrix crystallization process can be reduced by at least 50% by the MBT FAST Shuttle. This small benchtop device offers the ideal environment for optimized, standardized and therefore reproducible matrix crystallization and other droplet assays, such as MBT STAR®-BL assays and mycobacteria sample preparation.

Automated matrix and formic acid deposition with MBT Galaxy®

No more hassling with pipette tips, no more contamination concerns. Our system offers precise and contactless droplet dispensing of formic acid and HCCA matrix, reducing waste and eliminating carry-over risks. The MBT Galaxy® seamlessly integrates with the MALDI Biotyper® system and ensures every sample is correctly prepared, all while reducing the environmental burden.

Seamless project setup is just a scan away. Our automated onboard barcode reader instantly links the MALDI target plate’s barcode with the worklist, enhancing workflow traceability and efficiency.

After droplet deposition, controlled humidity conditions provide the ideal environment for optimized matrix crystallization, while preventing solvent evaporation into the lab.

Safeguard your lab space. Minimal footprint, maximum functionality.

MBT Galaxy®

Workflow optimization tools for your microbiology lab

Please contact your local representative for availability in your country.

Workflow optimization tools for the RUO/GP MALDI Biotyper®

Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.

  • MBT Pilot® System
  • MBT FAST™ Shuttle
  • MBT Galaxy® System

Workflow optimization tools for the IVD MALDI Biotyper®

For professional use only. Not for sale in the USA. 

  • MBT Pilot® System (IVD)

  • MBT FAST™ Shuttle IVD

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