Enabling discovery at the molecular, cellular, microscopic and nanoscopic levels

Advancing Discovery with High-Performance Microscopy Solutions

Bruker's world-leading microscopy systems are helping scientists and engineers to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications and products that improve nearly all aspects of our world. Our microscopes enable scientists to explore life and materials at the molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. In close cooperation with our customers, these systems are driving innovation, improved productivity, and customer success in life science and materials research.



AFM pour matérieux

Les microscopes Bruker à force atomique de recherche sur les matériaux, alimentés exclusivement par la technologie PeakForce Tapping®, aident les chercheurs à faire avancer de nouvelles recherches nanomécaniques, nanoélectriques et nanoélectrochimiques, de l'ordre de trois articles publiés avec comité de lecture par jour.
AFM for Industry

AFM for Industry

Advancing development and innovation with productivity in mind
AFM for Life Science

AFM for Life Science

Providing unique insights into life sciences research including physical structure, biochemical interactions, and mechanical properties

FT-IR Microscopes

Bruker Optics offers a broad product line in FT-IR and Raman microscopy
Optical Tweezers

Optical Tweezers

Force-sensing optical tweezers and optical trapping
Guide to Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Microscopes

High resolution, high performance raman microscopes for analytical and research applications
Microscopes à rayons X 3D

Microscopes 3D à rayons X

Le portefeuille de microscopes 3D à rayons X (XRM) de Bruker offre des solutions clés en main pour l’imagerie 3D non destructive pour une grande variété d’applications industrielles et scientifiques.

Electron Microscope Analyzers

To extend your SEM/TEM analytical power, Bruker’s electron microscope analyzers EDS, WDS, EBSD and Micro-XRF on SEM offer the most comprehensive compositional and structural analysis of materials, including analytical software for advanced materials research, process development and failure analysis.