AFM for Life Science

Life Science Research Videos

Experts talk about the role of AFM in life science research during an AFM BioMed event in Krakow, Poland

Increasing Repeatability for BioAFM

Frank Lafont of IRS and Pasteur Institute discusses increasing repeatability for BioAFM.

Studying Tumor-Platelet Interactions

Hermann Schillers of The University of Munster discusses using AFM to study tumor-platelet interactions.

Physics of Cells in Cancer and Aging

Igor Sokolov of Tufts University discusses the physics of cells in cancer and aging.

Measuring Cell Interactions Using AFM

David Alsteens of UC Louvain discusses measuring cell interactions using AFM.

Studying Cell Mechanics with AFM

Sanjay Kumar of UC Berkeley discuss studying cell mechanics with AFM.

AFM Mechanobiology

James Gimzewski of JCLA discusses AFM mechanobiology.