Magnetic Resonance

EPR Instruments

Bruker's high-performance portfolio of EPR instruments offers a non-destructive analytical technique for the direct detection of paramagnetic species. Free radicals and transition metal ions can be identified and quantified in solids, liquids, gases, cells, and in vivo. Structural insights from the chemical structure to intermolecular interactions are obtained from both CW and Pulse EPR techniques.
Elexsys E580


The ELEXSYS-II EPR spectrometer series is a research platform delivering outstanding performance and flexibility for The ultimate EPR System for Life Science, Materials Science and Quantum Computing .


Rapid Scan Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (RS-EPR) Spectroscopy is the next big step in EPR. RS-EPR is a revolutionary technique that opens new possibilities not previously available with conventional CW-EPR.


The Bruker EMXplus provides premium performance for EPR research. It features several 2D operation modes where the second axis can be time, temperature, goniometer angle or microwave power.


The EMXmicro represents a new digital generation of CW-EPR spectrometers from Bruker. It is a highly integrated digital spectrometer featuring field controller and signal processor to provide researchers with unsurpassed resolution and precision.
magnettech ESR5000

Magnettech ESR5000

The Magnettech ESR5000 is an innovative research instrument with high quality performance. It offers dedicated and tailored turn-key solutions for specific quality control, medical, and pharmaceutical R&D applications.


The microESR is a small, portable research grade instrument and is also an ideal teaching tool for undergraduate chemistry labs. The spectrometer has a mass of only 10 kg and can easily fit in a fume hood or glove box, or be transported into the field. Plus, it requires no special installation or regular maintenance.
Sample Temperature

EPR Accessories

To further enhance your experimental freedom, Bruker BioSpin provides an assortment of EPR Spectrometer accessories and options. This section summarizes the most common accessories and options.

EPR Resonators

Dedicated Technology for a Wide Range of Applications

EPR Software

The heart of modern EPR spectroscopy is the smooth, efficient collection of data coupled with the availability of targeted processing and meaningful spectral simulations. In response to these requirements, Bruker EPR has developed dedicated software suites for the ELEXYS, EMX, Magnettech ESR5000 and microESR product lines.

The Many Applications of EPR

From cell membranes to nano-diamonds, EPR applications spread far and wide through many fields: chemistry, material research, life science, quantum physics, and quality control.

In electrochemistry, redox chemistry, photochemistry and catalysis, EPR can be used to study metal centers and radicals involved in chemical processes. Amongst the many areas in material science, applications include polymer synthesis, testing the purity of silicon in solar cells and characterization of nano-diamonds and diamond grading. In an industrial setting, EPR is used to monitor product stability, impurity profiles, degradation, flavor stability and shelf-life for quality and process control.

In structural biology EPR provides insight into structure, function and reaction mechanisms in enzymes, membrane proteins, RNA and DNA. Biomedical EPR applications include the detection of free radicals such as ROS and RNS to observe and evaluate oxidative stress and cell damage.

Bruker is the world's leading supplier of electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (EPR) systems with more than 50 years of experience. Bruker's EPR application scientists have expertise in all EPR techniques and experience covering the full range of fields where EPR is used. Our product lines include the research EPR product line ELEXSYS™, the compact EPR product lines EMXplus™ and EMXmicro™, the benchtop routine product line Magnettech ESR5000 and quality control product line microESR.