NMR Software

IconNMR Automation Software

IconNMR is the automation software which allows fully automated acquisitions. It is ideal for labs with large sample numbers.

IconNMR is a component within TopSpin that allows high throughput of experiments through automated control of your sample changer. IconNMR’s simplified user interface makes data acquisition accessible also for non-NMR experts.


  • Previously set automation tasks allow reproducible, high throughput workflows
  • Predefined experiment setup makes NMR accessible and secure also for NMR novices
  • Full barcode control avoids sample mix-up
  • Comprehensive user rights management
  • Supports any Bruker automation hardware
  • Enables external usage of the spectrometer through synchronized web interface
  • Delivery of spectra data or reports per email to respective users (JCAMP-DX or PDF files)


  • Increase cost efficiency: Setup all experiments before you leave the lab in the evening and have all results available when you start your next day
  • Keep an eye on your cost: Careful tracking of each user’s usage times
  • Avoid loss of samples or measurements: Barcode control minimizes the risk of sample mix up
  • Frequent usage of your NMR instrument. Make it accessible for nonexperts and experts
  • Integrate Bruker NMR in any lab infrastructure via external automation setup


  • Multi-User proficiency
  • Access point to: AssureSST, AutoCalibrate, SmartDriveNMR
  • Multi-Language support: English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, French, Italian Spanish

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