Preclinical MRI

BioSpec 3T

At a translational field of 3 Tesla, the BioSpec 3T extends the range of multi-purpose, preclinical MRI and MRS systems in a compact, easy to site footprint.

Greatest Comfort

in Ownership and Use

Maxwell Technology
Superior magnet technology requires no liquid Helium filling
8.2 cm
Maximum freedom for your animal experiments including those on large rats with best in class 8.2 cm inner diameter RF coil
Small footprint, self-shielded magnet for maximal siting possibilities in small and/or BSL areas
BioSpec® 3T - Superior Maxwell magnet technology
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  • No liquid Helium or Nitrogen filling required
  • No quench line required
  • Self-shielded
  • Scalable AVANCE NEO electronics
  • Motorized animal positioning system for routine handling and increased throughput with automated multi-stage, whole body imaging
  • Intuitive ParaVision® 360 software for multi-dimensional MRI/MRS data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization including IntraGate based methods, UTE, and ZTE
  • Over 100 validated and ready to use in vivo protocols and scan programs for mice and rats
  • Complete RF coil portfolio for mice and rats available
  • MRI CryoProbe delivering an exceptional increase in sensitivity available
  • Upgradable with state-of-the-art PET module
  • In-house development and production of all key components (software, magnet, gradient, spectrometer, RF-coils) ensures the best performance and short repair times



Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

Bruker’s commitment to provide customers with unparalleled help throughout the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to evaluation, installation, and the lifetime of the instrument is now characterized by the LabScape service concept.

LabScape Maintenance Agreements, On-Site On-Demand and Enhance Your Lab are designed to offer a new approach to maintenance and service for the modern laboratory