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Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT)

Characterization of thin film stacks on a microscopic scale

Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT)

Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT) is a very fast and cost effective method to characterize magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ’s). SmartTip Probers offer several high-field, high-accuracy instruments for both industry and academia to perform CIPT measurements. Both in-plane and perpendicular field options are available.

CIPT Method

The Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT) method is used to characterize the properties of a tunnel junction, by landing a probe on top of the sample. These non-invasive measurements greatly speed up development and testing, due to the microsized probe spacings these measurements can be used for both homogeneity control and parameter characterization.

CIPT measurements determine the resistance of a tunnel junction stack using a four-point-probe method.

CIPT Probes

CIPT probes are state-of-art MEMS devices consisting of 12 in-line metal-covered probe fingers (electrodes), each only a few micrometers long and sub-micron width. The very small scale of these probes allows for very gentle contacts, and makes them ideal for local (micro scale) electrical measurements.

Range of Probes

Four different types of probes are available (with mean spacing ranging from 0.75µm to 59 µm). Upon request we can design a probe that meets the requirements for your specific experiment. All CIPT probes are also available on a ceramic carrier which fits into Capres tools.

Your Favorite Probe

Please contact us with your measurement requirements and we will be happy to advise on your specific situation.

Sample Preparation

Please note that the ability to establish electrical contact with the sample greatly depends on the sample surface. The contact force is generally too small to penetrate an oxide layer, therefore samples should be capped with a non-oxidizing conductor or a metal which forms a conductive oxide (Pt and Ru for example).

SmartTip 12-point probe for CIPT measurements

SmartTip History and Technology

Bruker's SmartTip™ CIPT solutions offer several high field, high accuracy instruments for both industry and academia to perform current-in-plane tunneling measurements. Both in-plane and perpendicular field options are available.

Driven by a mission to develop new frontier MEMS-based nanotechnology microprobes, we aim to enable MEMS-based microprobe technologies through co-operation and collaboration with our customers. Our SmartTip solutions are positioned to advance high-tech nanotechnology-based microprobe applications with a committment to quality and continuous improvement in development.