Desktop CIPT system ideal for research and development on in-plane or non-magnetic samples

Faits marquants

table-top platform
suited for research and development
In-plane Magnet
field up to 0.6 kOe
Fully Accessible
150mm x 150mm samples
with manual x/y positioning



This low-cost table-top equipment comes with manual x-y positioning, fully automated probe landing, an in-plane magnet as well as an anti-vibration table. The open nature, low cost, and versatility make the
SmartProber-TT especially suited for research and/or development.

  • Sample size: up to 6″ wafers, up to 1.3 mm thickness
  • In-plane magnetic field up to 48 kA/m
  • RA range 0.5-100k Ωμm2

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