Motorized system for 300mm wafer applications in corporate R&D and failure analysis 
High perpendicular-to-plane
magnetic field
design and options
Full-wafer coverage
up to 300mm
0.1-100 kΩμm2
RA range


The SmartProber-P1 is aimed at the next-generation over 5.5 kOe.

Various configurations of this type of SmartProber are available. If the high perpendicular field is required, but only small samples need to be measured, the automated wafer stage can be replaced with a cheaper manual stage.

SP-P1 – 6kOe magnet, 300mm rotary wafer-stage
Configuration options:
C: Additional in-plane magnet module with a field strength of 2kOe
Y: 200mm XY wafer-stage
M: Manual wafer-stage for small samples
L: 10kOe magnet


Configurable Design to Match Your Application

Perpendicular Magnets

  • 0.6T Perpendicular magnet
  • 1T Perpendicular magnet

In-Plane Magnet Addition

  • ~0.2T In-plane magnet


  • Rotary stage for 300mm wafers
  • XY stage for 200mm wafers - allows full wafer coverage in-plane measurements
  • Manual stage for smaller wafers

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