XFlash 6-100

The Largest Area SDD for Low Current Applications
The XFlash 6-100 detector

Very special situations require very special detectors. The XFlash® 6-100 is made for such situations, where limited signal is available. This is for instance the case when analyzing very sensitive samples or when using a Cold-FEG SEM. The large 100 mm2 active area and the narrow end cap provide maximum solid angle and permit to acquire spectra in short times even under these adverse conditions. At the same time the XFlash® 6-100 has the same high count rate capability as the smaller detectors (up to 1,500 kcps at the input), making it a truly unique instrument for EDS analysis.

In summary, the XFlash® 6-100 offers the following advantages:

  • Good energy resolution (129 eV at Mn Kα, 57 eV at C Kα and 67 eV at F Kα)
  • Extremely high pulse load capability
  • Good light element and low energy performance (element range Be - Am)
  • No elaborate, vibration-generating cooling systems
  • Immediately available after power on
  • Low operating cost
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Small dimensions
  • Low weight, including slim-line technology finger

Suggested areas of application for the XFlash® 6-100 are:

  • EDS systems for SEM, microprobe, FIB-SEM (welded bellows available as an option)
  • Low beam current and sensitive sample analysis (SEMs with cold field emitter)