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Multiphoton microscopy (MPM) is well-suited for functional imaging deeper into biological tissues than what is possible with confocal microscopy. This imaging technique is commonly used in intravital imaging of healthy and diseased tissues and cells, with or without fluorescent labeling. Recent advances in multiphoton microscopy technology support fast, in vivo imaging with single-cell resolution and a large field of view. Integration of optogenetics with multiphoton imaging has opened new avenues in studying the computational performance of the brain in live animals.

At the forefront of scientific discoveries for nearly two decades, Bruker’s Ultima multiphoton imaging technology is a direct result of close collaboration and laboratory experience with leading neuroscientists around the world. These efforts have led to a host of unique capabilities and features found only on Ultima systems, such as our modular setup, incorporated photostimulation light path, and feature-rich Prairie View software.


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Hear from researchers and experts on best practices, new techniques and discoveries, and ideas for new applications using two-photon microscopy.


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Year Title Author(s) Imaging Platform Subject(s) Methodology
2023 Holographic stimulation of opposing amygdala ensembles bidirectionally modulates valence-specific behavior via mutual inhibition Piantadosi, S.C., Zhou, Z.C., (...), Bruchas, M.R. Ultima 2P plus Basolateral amygdala neurons Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Holographic Photostimulation
2023 A stable, distributed code for cue value in mouse cortex during reward learning Ottenheimer, D.J., Hjort, M.M., (...), Stuber, G.D. Ultima 2P plus Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium imaging, Electrophysiology
2023 Electrophysiological measurements of synaptic connectivity and plasticity in the longitudinal dentate gyrus network from mouse hippocampal slices Kwon, Y.J., Pak, S, (...), Yang, S. Ultima InVitro Hippocampus, Dentate Gyrus Granule Neurons Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, Glutamate Uncaging
2023 Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) reveals spatial-metabolic changes in 3D breast cancer spheroids Karrobi, K., Tank, A., (...), Roblyer, D. Ultima Investigator Cancer Organoids, Hippocampus Calcium Imaging, FLIM
2023 Dually innervated dendritic spines develop in the absence of excitatory activity and resist plasticity through tonic inhibitory crosstalk Kleinjan, M.S., Buchta, W.C., (...), Kennedy, M.J. Ultima Hippocampus, Dendritic Spines Rat, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Glutamate Uncaging
2023 Cortico-cortical feedback engages active dendrites in visual cortex Fişek, M., Herrmann, D., (…), Häusser, M. Ultima 2P plus Cortical Regions Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Volumetric Imaging, Holographic Stimulation
2022 Maturation and circuit integration of transplanted human cortical organoids Revah, O., Gore, F., (…), Pașca, P.S. Ultima 2P plus Somatosensory Cortex Rat, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology, Optogenetic Stimulation
2021 Reduced synchroneity of intra-islet Ca2+ oscillations in vivo in Robo-deficient β cells (eLife) Adams, M.T., Dwulet, J.M., (…), Kravets, V. Ultima Inverted Pancreas Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 Autonomous Purkinje cell activation instructs bidirectional motor learning through evoked dendritic calcium signaling (Nat Commun) Bonnan, A., Rowan, M.M.J., (…), Christie, J.M. Ultima Cerebellum, Neurotransmission Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, ChR2(H134R), Electrophysiology, Dodt
2021 Fruitless decommissions regulatory elements to implement cell-type-specific neuronal masculinization (PLoS Genet.) Brovkina, M.V., Duffie, R., (…), Clowney, E.J. Ultima Investigator Sexual dimorphism Drosophila, Deep Imaging, Fixed sample
2021 Combined tumor-directed recruitment and protection from immune suppression enable CAR T cell efficacy in solid tumors (Sci Adv.) Cadilha, B.L., Benmebarek, M.R., (…), Kobold, S. Ultima Immune system Mouse, In-vivo, Multicolor Imaging
2021 Recent innovations in fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for biology and medicine (J Biomed Opt.) Datta, R., Gillete, A., Stefely, M., Skala, M.C. Ultima Inverted FLIM FLIM
2021 Optogenetic strategies for high-efficiency all-optical interrogation using blue-light-sensitive opsins (eLife) Forli, A., Pisoni, M., (…), Fellin, T. Ultima Investigator Somatosensory Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Holographic, Optogenetics, CoChR, Electrophysiology
2021 A two-photon FRAP protocol to measure the stereociliary membrane diffusivity in rat cochlear hair cells (STAR Protocols) George, S.S., Steeke C.R., Ricci, A.J. Ultima Cochlea, cilia Mouse, In-vitro, FRAP
2021 Intercalated amygdala clusters orchestrate a switch in fear state (Nature) Hagihara, K.M., Bukalo, O., (…), Holmes, A. Ultima Amygdala Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GRIN lens
2021 Brain capillary pericytes exert a substantial but slow influence on blood flow (Nature Neuroscience) Hartmann, D.A., Berthiaume, (…), Shih, A.Y. Ultima Investigator Neurovascular system Mouse, In-vivo, Optogenetics
2021 Visual recognition is heralded by shifts in local field potential oscillations and inhibitory networks in primary visual cortex (J Neurosci.) Hayden, D.J., Montgomery, D.P., Cooke, S.F., Bear, M.F. Ultima Visual Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium imaging, Electrophysiology
2021 The role of intra-articular neuronal CCR2 receptors in knee joint pain associated with experimental osteoarthritis in mice (Arthritis Res Ther.) Ishihara S, Obeidat AM, (…), Miller RE. Ultima Dorsal Root Ganglion, Pain Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP3 or GCaMP6
2021 Clustered functional domains for curves and corners in cortical area V4 (eLife) Jiang, R., Andolina, M.I., Tang, S. Ultima Visual Cortex Macaque, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 Chronic Cranial Windows for Long Term Multimodal Neurovascular Imaging in Mice (Front Physiol.) Kılıç K, Desjardins M, (…), Devor A. Ultima Neurovascular system Mouse, In-vivo, Protocol
2021 Photo-labeling neurons in the Drosophila brain (STAR Protocols) Li, J., Ellis, K.E., Caron, S.J.C. Ultima Cellular morphology Drosophila, Photolabelling, Protocol
2021 Presynaptic NMDA receptors facilitate short-term plasticity and BDNF release at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses (eLife) Lituma, P.J., Kwon, H., (…), Castillo, P.E. Ultima Neurotransmission Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology, Neurotransmitter Uncaging
2021 Stress induces microglia-associated synaptic circuit alterations in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (Neurobiology of Stress) Liu, T., Lu, J., (…), Zuo, Y. Ultima Investigator Prefrontal Cortex, Glia, Spines Mouse, In-vivo
2021 Coupling of activity, metabolism and behaviour across the Drosophila brain (Nature) Mann, K., Deny, S., (…), Clandinin, T.R. Ultima Metabolism Drosophila, In-Vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s, jRGECO1a, Optogenetics, CsChrimson, Pyronic, iATPSnFR
2021 Expansion of tumor-associated Treg cells upon disruption of a CTLA-4-dependent feedback loop (Cell) Marangoni, F., Zhakyp, A., (...), Mempel, T.R. Ultima Immune system Mouse, In-vivo, Multicolor Imaging
2021 VasoMetrics: unbiased spatiotemporal analysis of microvascular diameter in multi-photon imaging applications (Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery) McDowell, K.P., Berthiaume, A., (...), Shih, A.Y. Ultima Investigator Neurovascular system Mouse, In-vivo, Protocol
2021 Microglial Gi-dependent dynamics regulate brain network hyperexcitability (Nature Neuroscience) Merlini, M., Rafalski, V.A., (...), Akassoglou, K. Ultima Immune system, Glia, Epilepsy Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Neurotransmitter Uncaging
2021 Net decrease in spine-surface GluA1-containing AMPA receptors after post-learning sleep in the adult mouse cortex (Nature Communications) Miyamoto, D., Marshall, W., Tononi, G., Cirelli, C. Ultima Motor Cortex, Spines Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 Dysregulation of the mesoprefrontal dopamine circuit mediates an early-life stress-induced synaptic imbalance in the prefrontal cortex (Cell Reports) Oh, W.C., Rodriguez, (...), Kwon, H.B. Ultima Investigator Prefrontal Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, In-vitro, Electrophysiology
2021 Increased dopaminergic neurotransmission results in ethanol dependent sedative behaviors in Caenorhabditis elegans (PLoS Genetics) Pandey, P., Singh, A., (...), Babu, K. Ultima Neurotransmission C.elegans, In-vivo, Imaging, Ablation
2021 The physiological basis for the computation of direction selectivity in the Drosophila OFF pathway (bioRxiv) Ramos-Traslosheros, G., Silies, M. Ultima Investigator Visual system Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP, jRGECO1a
2021 Long-term Transverse Imaging of the Hippocampus with Glass Microperiscopes (bioRxiv) Redman, W.T., Wolcott, N.S. (...), Goard, M.J. Ultima Investigator Hippocampus, dendrites Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Microperiscope, Protocol
2021 All-optical interrogation of neural circuits in behaving mice (bioRxiv) Russell, L.E., Dalgleish, H.W.P., (...) Häusser, M. Ultima Barrel Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Holographic, Optogenetics, C1V1, SLM
2021 Robustness and plasticity in Drosophila heat avoidance (Nature Communications) Simões, J.M., Levy, J.I., (...), Gallio, M. Ultima Innate behavior Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology
2021 Astrocyte glutamate uptake coordinates experience-dependent, eye-specific refinement in developing visual cortex (Glia) Sipe, G.O., Petravicz, J., (...), Sur, M. Ultima Visual Cortex, Glia, Spines Mouse, In-vivo, Visual Stimulation, In-vitro, Electrophysiology, Intrinsic imaging
2021 Two-photon calcium imaging of seizures in awake, head-fixed mice (Cell Calcium) Somarowthu, A., Goff, K.M., Goldberg, E.M. Ultima Cortex, Epilepsy Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Protocol
2021 Sexual arousal gates visual processing during Drosophila courtship (Nature) Sten, T.H., Rufei, L., Otopalik, A., Ruta, V. Ultima Innate behavior Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Visual Stimulation
2021 Inhibiting retinoic acid mitigates vision loss in a mouse model of retinal degeneration (bioRxiv) Telias, M., Sit, K., (...), Kramer, R.H. Ultima Investigator Visual cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 In vivo two-photon microscopy protocol for imaging microglial responses and spine elimination at sites of fibrinogen deposition in mouse brain (STAR Protoc.) Tognatta, R., Merlini, M., (...), Akassoglou, K. Ultima Glia, Immune system, Alzheimers Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, Protocol
2021 Dendritic calcium signals in rhesus macaque motor cortex drive an optical brain-computer interface (Nat Commun.) Trautmann, E.M., O'Shea, D.J., Sun, X., (...), Shenoy, K.V. Ultima Motor Cortex, Dendrites Macaque, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 The connectome predicts resting-state functional connectivity across the Drosophila brain (Current Biology) Turner, M.H., Mann, K., Clandinin, T.R. Ultima Connectome Drosophila, In-vivo, whole brain imaging
2021 Classification of T-cell activation via autofluorescence lifetime imaging (Nature Biomedical Engineering) Walsh, A.J., Mueller, K.P., (...), Skala, M.C. Ultima Immune system Mouse, In-vitro, FLIM
2021 Environmental enrichment sharpens sensory acuity by enhancing information coding in barrel cortex and premotor cortex (eNeuro) Zheng, H.J.V., Meagher, J.P., (...), Kwon, H.B. Ultima Somatosensory Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2021 Cortical astrocytes independently regulate sleep depth and duration via separate GPCR pathways (eLife) Vaidyanathan, T.V., Collard, M., (...), Poskanzer, K.E. Ultima Visual Cortex, Layer 2/3, astrocytes Mouse, In-vivo, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging GCaMP6f 
2021 A distributed circuit for associating environmental context with motor choice in retrosplenial cortex (Science Adv) Franco, L.M., Goard, M.J. Ultima Investigator Visual Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s, Virtual reality
2021 Specialized coding patterns among dorsomedial prefrontal neuronal ensembles predict conditioned reward seeking (Elife) Grant RI, Doncheck EM, (...), Otis JM. Ultima Prefrontal Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s, GRIN lens
2020 Differential relation between neuronal and behavioral discrimination during hippocampal memory encoding (Neuron) Allegra M., Posani L., (…), Schmidt-Hieber C. Ultima Cognition, memory, place cells Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, cannula, GRIN lens, Electrophysiology, virtual reality
2020 Motor learning promotes remyelination via new and surviving oligodendrocytes (Nature Neuroscience) Bacmeister, C.M., Barr, H.J., (…), Hughes, E.G. Ultima Investigator Motor Cortex, Glia Mouse, In-vivo
2020 Astrocytic Ca2+ signaling is reduced during sleep and is involved in the regulation of slow wave sleep (Nature Communications) Bojarskaite, L., Bjørnstad, D.M., (…), Nagelhus, E.A. Ultima Neocortex, Glia Mouse, In-vivo, calcium imaging, intrinsic imaging, electrophysiology
2020 Hippocampal neurons with stable excitatory connectivity become part of neuronal representations (PLoS Biology) Castello-Waldow T.P., Weston G., (…), Attardo A. Ultima Hippocampus, Spines Mouse, In-vivo, cannula
2020 Dysfunction of cortical GABAergic neurons leads to sensory hyper-reactivity in a Shank3 mouse model of ASD (Nature Neuroscience) Chen Q., Deister C.A., (…), Feng G. Ultima Somatosensory Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, sensory stimulation, calcium imaging
2020 How many neurons are sufficient for perception of cortical activity? (eLife) Dalgleish, H.W.P., Russell, L.E., (…), Häusser, M. Ultima Barrel Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Prairie Link, All-optical approach
2020 Astrocytes and microglia play orchestrated roles and respect phagocytic territories during neuronal corpse removal in vivo (Science Advances) Damisah, E.C., Hill, R.A., (…), Grutzendler, J. Ultima Investigator Glia Mouse, In-vivo, 2Phatal
2020 Epithelial layer unjamming shifts energy metabolism toward glycolysis (Sci Rep) DeCamp, S.J., Tsuda, V.M.K., (...), Fredberg, J.J. Ultima Investigator Wound healing Epithelial cell culture, In-vitro, FLIM
2020 Optofluidic control of rodent learning using cloaked caged glutamate (Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A.) Durand-de Cuttoli, R., Chauhan, P.S., (…),  Ellis-Davies, G.C.R. Ultima Neurotransmission Mouse, In-vivo, Neurotransmitter uncaging
2020 Recurrent architecture for adaptive regulation of learning in the insect brain (Nature Neuroscience) Eschbach, C., Fushiki, A., (…), Zlatic, M. Ultima Connectome, Neuromodulation Drosophila, In vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, LED
2020 Functional dissection of basal ganglia inhibitory inputs onto substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons (Cell Reports) Evans R.C., Twedell E.L., (…), Khaliq, Z.M. Ultima Striatum, Basal Ganglia Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology, Optogenetics
2020 Rat auditory inner hair cell mechanotransduction and stereociliary membrane diffusivity are similarly modulated by calcium (iScience) George S.S., Steele C.R., Ricci A.J. Ultima Cochlea, Hair Cells Rat, In-vitro, FRAP, FLIM, Electrophysiology
2020 Dopamine metabolism by a monoamine oxidase mitochondrial shuttle activates the electron transport chain (Nature Neuroscience) Graves, S.M., Xie, Z., (…), Surmeier, D.J. Ultima Metabolism, Dopamine Mouse, In-vitro, Electrophysiology, Dodt
2020 Circuit mechanisms underlying chromatic encoding in Drosophila photoreceptors (Current Biology) Heath, S.L., Christenson, M.P., (…), & Behnia, R. Ultima Investigator Medulla Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2020 Distinct prefrontal top-down circuits differentially modulate sensorimotor behavior (Nature Communications) Huda, R., Sipe, G.O., (…), Sur, M. Ultima Prefrontal cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium imaging, Visual Stimulation
2020 A role for astroglial calcium in mammalian sleep and sleep regulation (Current Biology) Ingiosi, A.M., Hayworth, C.R., (…), Frank, M. G. Ultima Glia Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Grin lens
2020 Nicotine Self-Administration Induces Plastic Changes to Nicotinic Receptors in Medial Habenula (eNeuro)  Jin XT, Tucker BR, Drenan RM. Ultima Habenula, Addiction Mouse, In-vitro, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, Electrophysiology, Dodt
2020 Spatiotemporal functional organization of excitatory synaptic inputs onto macaque V1 neurons (Nat Commun.) Ju N, Li Y, (...), Tang, S. Ultima Visual Cortex, Dendrites Macaque, In-Vivo, Calcium Imaging, iGluSnFR
2020 A role for the locus coeruleus in hippocampal CA1 place cell reorganization during spatial reward learning (Neuron) Kaufman, A.M., Geiller, T., Losonczy, A. Ultima Hippocampus, Place cells, Neuromodulation Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, Inhibition, Piezo, LED
2020 Luminance Information Is Required for the Accurate Estimation of Contrast in Rapidly Changing Visual Contexts (Curr Biol.) Ketkar MD, Sporar K, (...), Silies M. Ultima Investigator Visual System Drosophila, Visual Stimulation
2020 Cell-type-specific outcome representation in the primary motor cortex (Neuron) Levy, S., Lavzin, M., (…), Schiller, J. Ultima Motor Cortex, Layer 5 Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics
2020 Visual input into the Drosophila melanogaster mushroom body (Cell Reports) Li, J., Mahoney, B.D., (…), Caron, S.J.C. Ultima Mushroom body Drosophila, Photolabelling
2020 Three-photon imaging of synthetic dyes in deep layers of the neocortex (Scientific Reports) Liu, C.J., Roy, A., (…), Kara, P. Ultima Investigator Neocortex Mouse, In-Vivo, 3P Imaging
2020 Spatial readout of visual looming in the central brain of Drosophila (eLife) Morimoto, M.M., Nern, A., (…), Reiser, M.B. Ultima Visual system, Optic glomerus Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics
2020 Precise, 3-D optogenetic control of the diameter of single arterioles (bioRxiv) O’Herron, P.J, Hartmann, D.A., (...), Shih A.Y. Ultima 2P plus Neurovascular System Mouse, In-vivo, Optogenetics, SLM
2020 A thalamocortical top-down circuit for associative memory (Science) Pardi, M.B., Vogenstahl, J., (…), Letzkus, J.J. Ultima Investigator Thalamus, Auditory Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, Electrophysiology
2020 Young adult-born neurons improve odor coding by mitral cells (Nature Communications) Shani-Narkiss, H., Vinograd, A., (...), Mizrahi, A. Ultima Olfactory bulb, Neurogenesis Mouse, In-Vivo, Calcium Imaging
2020 Distributed and retinotopically asymmetric processing of coherent motion in mouse visual cortex (Nature Communications) Sit, K.K., Goard, M.J. Ultima Investigator Visual cortex Mouse, In-vivo, GCaMP
2020 A spike-timing-dependent plasticity rule for dendritic spines (Nature Communications) Tazerart, S., Mitchell, D.E.,(...), Araya, R. Ultima Neurotransmission, Layer 5, Spines Mouse, In-vitro, Neurotransmitter Uncaging,
2020 Imaging and optogenetic modulation of vascular mural cells in the live brain (Nature Protocols) Tong, L., Hiil, R.A., (...), Grutzendler, J. Ultima Investigator Neurovascular system Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, Protocol
2020 Transient and persistent representations of odor value in prefrontal cortex (Neuron) Wang, P.Y., Boboila, C., (...), Axel, R. Ultima Olfaction, Behavior Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics
2020 Context-dependent decision making in a premotor circuit (Neuron) Wu,Z., Litwin-Kumar, A., (...), Shadlen, M.N. Ultima Olfaction, Behavior Mouse, In-Vivo, Calcium Imaging, Eletcrophysiology, Neuronexus
2019 Widespread and highly correlated smato-dendritic activity in cortical layer 5 neurons (Neuron) Beaulieu-Laroche, L., Toloza, E.H.S., (…), Harnett, M.T. Ultima Visual cortex, Dendrites Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium imaging, GCaMP6f, Alexa 594, Line scan, Electrophysiology
2019 Long-term imaging of dorsal root ganglia in awake behaving mice (Nat Commun.) Chen C, Zhang J, (...), Yang G. Ultima Investigator Spinal cord Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s
2019 A critical role for neocortical processing of threat memory (Neuron) Dalmay T., Abs E., (…), Letzkus J.J. Ultima Investigator Auditory cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium imaging, GCaMP6s
2019 Awake mouse imaging: From two-photon microscopy to blood oxygen level–dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging (Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging) Desjardins, M., Kılıç, K., (…), Devor, A. Ultima Neurovascular system Mouse, In-vivo, Imaging
2019 Microglia are effector cells of CD47-SIRPα antiphagocytic axis disruption against glioblastoma (Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A.) Hutter G., Theruvath J., (…), Cheshier S.H. Ultima Brain tumor, Glia, Microglia Mouse, In-vivo, Imaging
2019 Interacting neural ensembles in orbitofrontal cortex for social and feeding behaviour (Nature) Jennings, J.H., Kim, C.K., (…), Deisseroth, K. Ultima Orbitofrontal cortex Mouse, In-vivo,Calcium imaging, Optogenetics, GCaMP6m-bReaChES, GRIN lens
2019 Diffuse and nonlinear imaging of multiscale vascular parameters for in vivo monitoring of preclinical mammary tumors (J Biophotonics) Karrobi K, Tank A, (...), Roblyer D.  Ultima Investigator Cancer imaging Tumor tissue, diffuse optical imaging
2019 Live-cell imaging reveals the relative contributions of antigen-presenting cell subsets to thymic central tolerance (Nature Communications) Lancaster, J.N., Thyagarajan, H.M., (…), Ehrlich, L.I.R. Ultima Thymus Mouse, In-vitro
2019 Cortical layer-specific critical dynamics triggering perception (Science) Marshel, J.H., Kim, Y.S., (…), Deisseroth, K. Ultima Visual Cortex, Layer 2/3, Layer 5 Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, GCaMP6m-ChRmine, SLM
2019 Maladaptive downregulation of autonomous subthalamic nucleus activity following the loss of midbrain dopamine neurons (Cell Reports) McIver, E.L., Atherton, J.F., (…), Bevan, M. D Ultima Globus Pallidus, Striatum Mouse, In-vitro, Imaging
2019 Fibrinogen Induces Microglia-Mediated Spine Elimination and Cognitive Impairment in an Alzheimer's Disease Model. (Neuron) Merlini, M., Rafalski, V.A., (…), Akassoglou, K. Ultima Neurovascular system, Glia, Microglia, Spines Mouse, In-vivo, Imaging
2019 Calcium activation of cortical neurons by continuous electrical stimulation: Frequency dependence, temporal fidelity, and activation density (Journal of Neuroscience Research) Michelson, N.J., Eles, J.R., (…), Kozai, T.D.Y. Ultima Somatosensory cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium imaging, Thy1-GCaMP6s
2019 Probing single synapses via the photolytic release of neurotransmitters (frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience) Mitchell, D.E., Martineau, É., (…), Araya, R. Ultima Synaptic plasticity, Dendrites, Spines Mouse, In-vitro, Neurotransmitter uncaging, MNI-Glu, RuBi-Glu
2019 Temporary visual deprivation causes decorrelation of spatiotemporal population responses in adult mouse auditory cortex (eNeuro) Solarana K., Liu J., (…), Kanold P.O. Ultima Auditory cortex, Layer 2/3, Layer 4 Mouse, In-vivo, Thy1-GCaMP6s
2019 Intracortical neural stimulation with untethered, utrasmall carbon fiber electrodes mediated by the photoelectric effect (IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering) Stocking, K.C., Vazquez, A.L., Kozai, T.D.Y. Ultima Brain stimulation Mouse, In-vivo, NIR-stimulation
2019 Noradrenergic signaling in the wakeful state inhibits microglial surveillance and synaptic plasticity in the mouse visual cortex (Nature Neuroscience) Stowell, R.D., Sipe, G.O., (…), Majewska, A. Ultima Microglia Mouse, In-vivo, Piezo, Optogenetics, hChR2(H134R)
2019 Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide-expressing interneurons in the hippocampus support goal-oriented spatial learning (Neuron) Turi, G.F., Li, W.K., (…), Losonczy, A.  Ultima Hippocampus Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Optogenetics, GCaMP6f, bReaChES-tdTomato, 620 nm LED
2019 Longitudinal Two-Photon Imaging of Dorsal Hippocampal CA1 in Live Mice (J Vis Exp) Ulivi, A.F., Castello-Waldow, T.P., (…), Attardo, A. Ultima Hippocampus Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, Endoscope
2019 Electrical and synaptic integration of glioma into neural circuits (Nature) Venkatesh, H.S., Morishita, W., (…), Monje, M. Ultima Brain tumor, Microglia Mouse, In-vivo, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s
2019 Accurate quantification of astrocyte and neurotransmitter fluorescence dynamics for single-cell and population-level physiology (Nat Neurosci) Wang Y, DelRosso NV, (...), Poskanzer KE. Ultima Glia, Astrocytes Mouse, In-vivo, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6f, iGluSnFR, iGABASnFR, GRAB-NE, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, RuBi-glutamate
2018 Learning-related plasticity in dendrite-targeting layer 1 interneurons (Neuron) Abs, E., Poorthuis, R.B., (…), Letzkus, J.J Ultima Investigator Auditory cortex, Interneurons Mouse, In-vivo, In-vitro, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6f, GCamP6s, Electrophysiology, Optogenetics, ChrimsonR, LED 594 nm
2018 Preferential stabilization of newly formed dendritic spines in motor cortex during manual skill learning predicts performance gains, but not memory endurance (Neurobiology of Learning and Memory) Clark, T.A., Fu, M., (…), Jones, T.A. Ultima Motor Cortex, Layer 5, Spines Mouse, In-vivo, Imaging
2018 A gut-brain neural circuit for nutrient sensory transduction (Science) Kaelberer, M.M., Buchanan, K.L., (…), Bohórquez, D.V. Ultima Gut-Brain Signalling Mouse, In-vivo, Imaging
2018 Task-dependent representations of stimulus and choice in mouse parietal cortex (Nature Communications) Pho, G.N., Goard, M.J., (…), Sur, M. Ultima Visual Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging, GCaMP6s, Piezo
2018 Nicotinic cholinergic receptors in VTA glutamate neurons modulate excitatory transmission (Cell Reports) Yan, Y., Peng, C., (…), Drenan, R.M. Ultima Ventral tegmental area (VTA) Mouse, In-vitro, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, Optogenetics, ChR2, Electrophysiology
2018 Holographic imaging and photostimulation of neural activity (Current Opinion in Neurobiology) Yang, W., Yuste, R. Ultima Cortex Holographic Optogenetics, Review
2018 Fear extinction reverses dendritic spine formation induced by fear conditioning in the mouse auditory cortex (PNAS) Lai CSW, Adler A, Gan WB. Ultima Auditory cortex, Layer 5 Mouse, In-vivo, Spine imaging
2018 Closed-loop all-optical interrogation of neural circuits in vivo (Nature Methods) Zhang, Z., Russell, L.E., (…), Häusser, M. Ultima Somatosensory Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Optogenetics, SLM, Calcium Imaging, Protocol
2017 Molecular and Circuit-Dynamical Identification of Top-Down Neural Mechanisms for Restraint of Reward Seeking. Cell.  Kim, C.K., Ye, L., (...), Deisseroth, K. Ultima Prefrontal Cortex Mouse, In-Vivo, Calcium Imaging, Grin lens
2016 Gating of hippocampal activity, plasticity, and memory by entorhinal cortex long-range inhibition (Science) Basu, J., Zaremba, J.D., (…), Siegelbaum, S.A. Ultima Hippocampus
2016 A Family of non-GPCR Chemosensors Defines an Alternative Logic for Mammalian Olfaction (Cell) Greer, P.L., Bear, D.M., (...), Datta, S.R.  Ultima Olfaction
2016 De novo synaptogenesis induced by GABA in the developing mouse cortex (Science) Oh, W.C., Lutzu, S., (…), Kwon, H.B. Ultima Cortex, Dendrites, Spines Mouse, In-vitro, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, Electrophysiology
2016 Synapse-level determination of action potential duration by K(+) channel clustering in axons (Neuron) Rowan, M.J., DelCanto, G., (…), Christie, J.M. Ultima Cerebellum Mouse, In-vitro, Electrophysiology, Neurotransmitter Uncaging, VSD imaging
2015 Multimodal chemosensory circuits controlling male courtship in Drosophila (Neuron) Clowney, E.J., Iguchi, S., (…), Ruta, V. Ultima Somatosensory Cortex Drosophila, In-vivo, Calcium Imaging
2015 Simultaneous all-optical manipulation and recording of neural circuit activity with cellular resolution in vivo (Nature Methods) Packer, A.M., Russell, L.E., (…), Häusser, M. Ultima Barrel Cortex Mouse, In-vivo, Optogenetics, SLM, Calcium Imaging, Protocol
2014 Distinct Kv channel subtypes contribute to differences in spike signaling properties in the axon initial segment and presynaptic boutons of cerebellar interneurons. (J Neurosci.) Rowan, M.J., Tranquil, E., Christie, J.M. Ultima Synaptic plasticity Mouse, In-vitro, Calcium imaging, VSD, Calcium indicator, Neurotransmitter uncaging, Electrophysiology
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Bruker partners with our customers to solve real-world application issues. We develop next-generation technologies and help customers select the right system and accessories. This partnership continues through training and extended service, long after the tools are sold.

Our highly trained team of support engineers, application scientists and subject-matter experts are wholly dedicated to maximizing your productivity with system service and upgrades, as well as application support and training.

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