The innovation leader

FT-IR Microscopes

From routine infrared microscopy applications to ultrafast imaging and customizable research microscopes - Bruker has got you covered

Shaping the future of FT-IR microscopy

Bruker boasts being the innovation leader in Infrared microscopy. We back this claim by offering the most advanced μ-FT-IR and IR laser instrumentation on the market. Our line-up features single-element systems with MCT as well as focal-plane array or QCL-based IR laser imaging systems. No matter what you are looking for, when it comes to micro vibrational spectroscopy, you have come to the right place.

The Bruker FT-IR Advantage

The Highest Resolution
Our microscopes have the highest spatial resolution on the market, thanks to our exclusive Focal Plane Array (FPA) imaging detector. Get super detailed chemical images so you can investigate the most intricate details of your sample at the micron level. Not so interested in imaging? We still have you covered! Our microscopes can equip multiple detectors, so you’ll have the sensitivity you need to detect and analyze the smallest objects.

Super-Fast Data Acquisition
The state-of-the-art technology in our microscopes to give you the edge when it comes to measurement speed, so you can save time and enhance your productivity. Our FPA detectors can capture over 1000 spectra at once so you can create detailed chemical images in no time. You can upgrade that speed even more
with the power of IR laser imaging, to measure large sample areas in minutes.

Ultra-Versatile Measurements
With our FT-IR microscopes, you can use any measurement technique you need: transmission, reflection, and ATR; all with exceptional spatial resolution. Plus, spacious sample stages mean your measurement possibilities are never restricted. This gives you a versatile instrument, with the freedom to measure practically any sample.

Feature-Rich Software
Our all-in-one software solution, OPUS, is feature-rich for beginners and experts alike. Beginners won’t feel lost thanks to assisted workflows, while experts can expect total control over their instrument. Everyone will benefit from powerful AI tools, plenty of data presentation options, and other helpful features like live evaluation.