Process Spectrometers

High-performance spectrometers for online process monitoring and optimization

Process Monitoring with Vibrational Spectroscopy

FT-IR, FT-NIR, and Raman spectrometers all powerful solutions for a process environment, which take advantage of fiber-coupled probes to analyze samples and processes without delay. These techniques can be used in a wide range of applications such as chemical, petrochemical, polymers, food and feed, bioprocessing, and pharmaceuticals. All Bruker process spectrometers are characterized by robustness, long-term stability, and ease of maintenance.


The BEAM is a compact single-point FT-NIR analyzer for solid materials that can easily be installed on pipelines, hoppers or over conveyor belts. The MATRIX-F II process FT-NIR spectrometer with its internal multiplexer offers an easy way to connect up to 6 fiber-coupled measuring accessories using standard SMA connectors. A wide variety of probes or flow cells allow the use of NIR technology in almost all process conditions. Our Raman process spectrometer, the Process Guardian, is a high-performance analyzer that provides deep chemical insight for even the most challenging measurements. The MATRIX-MF is an FT-IR spectrometer used frequently in the laboratory or pilot plants for process development and optimization by simple peak analysis and trend monitoring.