Process Spectrometers based on FT-NIR and FT-IR Technology

Optical spectroscopy is today a very important method for online process monitoring and optimization. Fiber-coupled probes allow a direct look into the process without delay.

FT-IR / FT-NIR Process Spectrometers

The strengths of the FT-NIR solution are mainly in routine process applications. Due to the short measuring time, important process parameters for the monitoring and control are available almost immediately. A wide variety of probes or flow cells allow the use of NIR technology in almost all process conditions. The MATRIX-F II with its internal 6 multiplexer offers an easy way to connect fiber-coupled measuring accessories using standard SMA connectors.


The FT-IR solution demonstrates its strengths especially for process development and optimization by simple peak analysis and trend monitoring. The main applications are today in the laboratory an pilot plants. The MATRIX-MF can be equipped with various detectors and probes and adapted to the specific requirements of a process application. The IRcube - Bruker's high performance FT-IR interferometer - is available for OEM custom integrations.

Numerous installations in the chemical, petrochemical and polymer industry as well as in the field of food and feed and the pharmaceutical production processes prove our experience.

All Bruker process spectrometers are characterized by robustness, long-term stability, and ease of maintenance.