Ion Sources

CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2

At the heart of trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) lies the CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 – ion sources that power ultimate performance and simplicity. 

Performance. Simplicity.

Unrivaled precision and stability in chromatography 

Nano-flow sensitivity perfected. Ultra-sensitive Omics made easy.

Exceptional performance
The CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 are full of comfort features to make nano-flow sensitivity as accessible as possible.
The power of compatibility
Seamless compatibility with all PepSep™, IonOpticks Aurora Series CSI Range, and even custom self-made columns.
Simplicity redefined
Easily installed in a few seconds thanks to its “on-off” design.
Precision perfected
Zero-dead volume connections and precise 10 µm/20 µm ID emitter tips for unrivaled stability with the compatible CaptiveSpray 2 Emitter.

A new standard for performance and precision

Specifically engineered for timsTOF systems, the CaptiveSpray 2 boasts exceptional performance capabilities that elevate your experiments to greater levels.

But that's not the end of it. The CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 is the latest enhancement to the ultra-performance and gives the timsTOF Ultra 2 the next boost of sensitivity for deep proteome analysis with highest sensitivity.

Behind the scenes, CaptiveSpray ionization technology drives the extraordinary performance of our systems. By creating a vortex around the Taylor cone, it maximizes ion transfer, ensuring optimal sensitivity across various nanoflow rates. Additionally, it maintains a stable spray throughout the liquid chromatographic gradient, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

With zero-adjustment positioning of the sprayer and a focused nebulizing gas flow, the vortex perfectly envelops the spray cone, optimizing sensitivity. No matter the nanoflow rate, our technology ensures you achieve outstanding performance.

Say goodbye to inconsistency. Our stable spray technology guarantees reliable results, even when dealing with complex gradients.

Choose CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 for unparalleled performance and simplicity in trapped ion mobility spectrometry. Unlock the full potential of your experiments and experience the difference today.

Unleash exceptional performance

Find a new level of performance with the CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2. These state-of-the-art solutions redefine nano-flow sensitivity, enabling you to achieve outstanding results with ease. Get ready to maximize your analytical capabilities and push the boundaries of precision and sensitivity like never before.

CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 are packed with comfort features that enhance your experience. With an integrated air filter, you can ensure a clean nebulizer gas supply, leading to the highest signal-to-noise ratio. This means clearer and more accurate data for your analyses.

To minimize potential interferences, the column oven is conveniently attached to the source, creating the shortest connection path. This optimized design ensures optimal performance and maximizes the efficiency of your system.

Both ion sources also boast toolless installation and maintenance, making your life easier. No need for complicated procedures or additional tools. With the user-friendly design, you can effortlessly set up and maintain your system, saving you time and effort.

With these comfort features, nano-flow sensitivity has never been more accessible. Take advantage of CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 to unlock the full potential of your analyses. Get ready to elevate your performance, achieve exceptional results, and surpass your expectations.

Simplify your workflow with CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2

Discover a seamless and efficient workflow with the CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 ion sources. Designed to redefine simplicity, these innovative components revolutionize your instrument installation process, saving you time and effort.

With their cutting-edge "on-off" design, installing CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2 is a breeze. In a matter of seconds, you can effortlessly set up these components and get ready for action. No more complicated procedures or lengthy installations – just quick and hassle-free setup.

The front-accessible emitter design takes convenience to the next level. Changing emitters has never been easier. You can seamlessly swap emitters without the need to reposition the source. This means you can efficiently maintain your instrument without any disruptions to your workflow. Stay focused on what truly matters – achieving exceptional results.

By streamlining your workflow with CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2, you can optimize your productivity and efficiency. Spend more time on your experiments and data analysis, knowing that the installation and maintenance process is simplified.

Don't let complicated instrument setups slow you down. Embrace the simplicity redefined by CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2. Experience a seamless workflow and unlock your full potential for achieving outstanding results.

"The installation of the new CaptiveSpray 2 source has become even simpler. We can now literally exchange columns and emitters in a minute, at same or better performance. In addition, the novel screw-on design provides emitter positioning and alignment without the need for manual adjustment. I like it, and as importantly, the technicians in my lab do!"

Professor Dr. Christof Lenz, Head of Core Facility Proteomics at Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Harness the power of compatibility

Achieve exceptional performance while seamlessly integrating with PepSep™ columns, IonOpticks Aurora Series CSI Range, and even your own custom-made columns. Our advanced ion sources, the CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2, are meticulously designed to ensure effortless compatibility, allowing you to mix and match equipment according to your analytical needs.

Select from our range of two CaptiveSpray 2 Emitters, catering to the specific requirements of both CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2. Benefit from their zero-dead volume connection, guaranteeing the highest level of chromatographic performance. The 10 µm and 20 µm ID emitter tips provide exceptional spray stability across all flow rates, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Experience unmatched convenience and flexibility with the power of compatibility offered by CaptiveSpray 2 and CaptiveSpray Ultra 2. Revolutionize your analytical capabilities and unlock a world of possibilities today!