Atomic Force Microscope

Dimension Edge

Best-value high-performance AFM

Dimension Edge

Dimension Edge™ incorporates Bruker's PeakForce Tapping® technology to provide the highest levels of atomic force microscope (AFM) performance, functionality, and accessibility in its class. Based on the Dimension Icon platform, the Edge system has been designed from top to bottom to deliver the low drift and low noise necessary to achieve publication-ready data in minutes instead of hours, all at price points well below expectations for such performance. Integrated visual feedback and preconfigured settings enable expert-level results simply and consistently, making the most advanced large-sample AFM capabilities and techniques available to every facility and user.

microscope and electronics
Offers high image fidelity and flexibility of research at moderate cost.
access to signal routing
Enables custom measurements and extended research capabilities.
stage control
Provides fast sample navigation and efficient multi-site measurements.

Closed-Loop Accuracy

At the heart of this system’s capabilities is Bruker’s renowned closed-loop scanner. Incorporating temperature-compensating position sensors and driven by modular, low-noise control electronics, this tip-scanning component reduces closed-loop positioning noise levels to the length scale of a single chemical bond.

Daphnia are small crustaceans (400μm to 3mm) that are extremely resistant to environmental factors, such as high pH levels in waters (up to 9.5). The causes underlying this unique resistance are not well known. Therefore studying the nanoscale properties of their carapaces, and why things do not adhere to them, are of particular interest in the development and design of industrial surfaces, as well as for biologists.

Large Sample Stage

Close-up of Dimension Edge's large sample stage.

The Dimension Edge sample stage is not only motorized and programmable for efficient multi-site measurements, but it also lets you fit more types of samples directly under the AFM scanner with less preparation time. The physically open access to the probe-sample junction enables more direct investigation of geometrically challenging device structures, as well as the attachment of electrical connections or other custom experiment accessories.

Automatic Image Optimization

Edge uses "intelligent" algorithms to automatically and continuously monitor image quality and make the appropriate parameter adjustments. This frees researchers from the complex and tedious task of adjusting setpoints, feedback gains, and scan rates, making imaging as easy as simply selecting a scan area and scan size for almost any sample, in air or fluid.

Closed-loop phase image of C36H74 alkane on HOPG. Individual lamellae clearly visible with spacing (~4.5nm) consistent with length of C36H74 chains in all-trans configuration. Image size 130nm.
AFM Modes

Expand Your Applications with AFM Modes

With an unrivalled suite of imaging modes available, Bruker has an AFM technique for every investigation.

Built on the backbone of core imaging modes—Contact Mode and Tapping Mode—Bruker offers AFM modes that allow users to probe their samples’ electrical, magnetic, or materials properties. Bruker’s innovative new PeakForce Tapping technology represents a new core imaging paradigm that has been incorporated into several modes, providing topographic, electrical, and mechanical properties data in parallel.

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