Nanomechanical Test System

Hysitron TI Premier

Streamlined and flexible nanomechanical materials testing

Hysitron TI Premier Nanoindenter

Bruker’s Hysitron TI Premier nanoindenter was specifically designed to deliver industry-leading, quantitative nanomechanical characterization within a compact platform. Built upon proven Hysitron technology, the TI Premier provides a broad suite of nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing techniques. Routine measurements to advances research can be accomplished utilizing the versatile base configurations of TI Premier, while numerous technique upgrade options are available to meet the demands of your future characterization needs.

characterization packages
Provides tailored solutions for quasi-static nanoindentation, dynamic characterization, high-temperature characterization, and testing over multiple length scales.
Hysitron technology
Ensures accurate, reliable, quantitative mechanical and tribological property measurements at the nanoscale.
system configuration
Supports a broad range of hybrid and correlative characterization techniques to meet current and future characterization needs.

TI Premier Base Configuration

  1. Capacitive transducer with in-situ SPM imaging
  2. Automated staging
  3. Metrology-grade granite
  4. Anti-vibration
  5. High-resolution optical imaging
  6. Versatile sample chuck
  7. Environmental isolation enclosure
  8. Advanced control technology

Superior Control and Sensitivity

A series of five low force indents on (100) Silicon showing the industry leading noise-floor performance and data repeatability of the Hysitron TI Premier nanomechanical testing system.

Proprietary capacitive transducer technology provides exceptional measurement noise floors (75 nN, <0.2 nm), accuracy, and reliability during the nanoindentation process. Electrostatic actuation uses little current, enabling superior drift characteristics that result in faster data acquisition, higher accuracy, and better repeatability.

Quantitative Characterization Capabilities

Force vs. displacement curve on fused quartz showing typical response of elastic-plastic material and resulting in-situ SPM image of quartz surface after quasi-static nanoindentation showing residual indent impression.

Bruker has developed a broad suite of complementary characterization techniques to enable powerful nanoscale materials research.

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: Storage modulus, loss modulus, and tan delta as a function of measurement depth, frequency, and time.

Tribology: Friction Coefficients, scratch resistance, thin film adhesion, and nanoscale wear.

Surface Characterization: In-situ scanning probe microscopy, optical microscopy, and surface mechanical property mapping.

Electrical Characterization: In-situ electrical contact resistance, conductance, phase transformations, and material deformation behavior.

Environmental Control: Nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization at high temperatures and in customizable gaseous atmospheres.


Application-Specific Characterization Packages

Load versus displacement curves of NiCoCrAlY at 350°C (red), 500°C (green), and 600°C (purple). The low scatter of these curves and the regular shape indicates the high stability of the Hysitron TI Premier nanoindenter at elevated temperature.

Bruker’s Hysitron TI Premier offers application-specific characterization packages tailored for quasi-static nanoindentation, dynamic characterization, high temperature characterization, and testing over multiple length scales. These prepackaged configurations are optimized to deliver dedicated solutions to meet your research and process control requirements.

Quasi-Static Nanoindentation Package: Nanomechanical characterization optimized for thin films and inhomogeneous materials.

Dynamic Characterization Package: Quasi-static and dynamic mechanical property characterization over a broad range of materials, from ultrasoft to ultrahard.

High-Temperature Characterization Package: Investigate mechanical properties and time-dependent deformation behavior as a function of temperature.

Multiple Length Scales Package: Depth-sensing indentation over the nanometer and micrometer length scales.

Upgrade Options and Add-Ons

Expand TI Premier's Capabilities


Contact us for more information about available upgrade options and how TI Premier can be configured to meet your specific measurement needs now and grow with your research going forward.

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